Selina Giles English Actress
Other Skills

Selena Giles is an English actress and author. She was born on March 5, 1972 in England. She has done her studies in Acting from Larry Moss studio, United States of America. She is popularly known as Valerie Stowe, a character she played in Until Death in 2007 with Jean-Claude Van Samne and Stephen Rea. Her more notable works are Evey's mother in the Wachowskis V for Vendetta (film) in 2006 and Fair Lady in Restoration in 1996. Other than her recent movie was Dragons of Camelot, 2014 in which she played the character of Guinevere. Other films in which she gave her debut are The Thompsons (2012), St. Urbain's Horsemen (2007), Piccadilly Jim (2005) and The Truth Game (2001) London based Selina Giles has interest in dancing and singing as well.

Ballet and disco are the dance forms she knows. The modern, folk and country music are the ones she is fond of. She is active and deeply interested in sports. Her slender body expresses her love for sports and dance. She is considered to be a mature beauty because at the age of 42 she has started with her modeling Career. She has been working hard from a long time. She began her acting career with a minor role in the film Restoration (1996) with Robert Downey Junior. She worked with Sean Patrick Flannery in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Adriana Paul in Highlanders: The series. She got star like success from The Truth Game with Simon Rumley. She played Sally Lewis in holy blue, BBC series.

She was also there in the successful children's show The Dumping Ground. She has been part of theatre as well. She produced and wrote the story of a short film Pickled in 2005. She also acted in that short film. Then again in 2006 she produced, wrote and acted in the “The Two Faces of Agent Lacey", it's a famous play. Which was directed by Simon Fellows and staged at the arts. She played Miss Julie in the play Miss Julie at the Tristian Bates Theatre. She has been part of other play as well such as M butterfly, Bluebird, etc.

In 2013 Selina set up two shilling and six pence production, where she raise funds for local charity Through the interview with JD Williams we get to know more about her likes and dislikes. She is deeply interested in romantic things. Her favorite travel destinations are romantic places like Venice, Paris and Rome. Selina claims she loves Budapest and Scotland. She prefers comfort over everything. She is stylish yet choose comfortable shoes and clothing. Giles majorly contains trousers in her wardrobe. She is passionate about travelling and she loves to explore. She is interested in art and beauty.