Kiele Sanchez is an American artist with the same nationality. The birth name being Kiele Michelle Sanchez. Kiele was born in 1977 October 13 in Chicago to a noble family, her father name is Oscar Sanchez, and she is one of the four children to him. She is one of the young actresses in the present generation. Her best performance for roles in The Purge Click to look into! >> Read More... The Purge : Anarchy a film in 2014, The Glades in 2010 and A Perfect Getaway. She is best known for her presence in TV series than in films. She also played guest roles in many TV shows and movies of present generation. Kiele attended the school Glen Bard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois.

She has been performing since her childhood on stages which made her come out of stage fear. Kiele’s first debut into the cinema was with the cinema Stuck on you with a role pepper spray cutie. Then came Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, A Perfect Gate way, her best was from the movies The Purge: Anarchy in which she played the role of Liz that was her latest screen appearance in films. Even though less no of cinema she was successful in entertaining all the audience with her beauty and acting skills. Kiele’s debut into TV series started even before her appearance in movies.

Her debut into TV shows started with 30 days of Night: Dark days in 1999 as a role of Stella and later played in many shows like A Perfect Gate way, That was Then, Married to the Kellys, Four Kings, Related, her presence in the TV show LOST made her more famous in which she played the role of Nikki, next comes Samantha who? Burn Notice Serial story coming soon... >> Read More... Burn Notice : The Fall of Sam axe, The Glades, her latest TV series was The Kingdom in 2016. Sanchez got married to the co-artist Zach-Helm who is writer and director in 2001.

Later on she got divorced on him in 2008. She again got married to Zach-Gilford in the year of 2010. He was the co-star of the “The Matadors” and married him in December 9. The couple also made their appearance in the The Purge: Anarchy. They had son in august 2015. She is an excellent actress, and her present drama series includes The Kingdom and Audience Network. Sanchez is a poet by passion and made many personal quotes. She is presently living a happy life in film industry with apt roles for her.

Mira Furlan English Actress

Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan is an actress and singer of the country Croatia located in the Europe continent. She was born on 7th September 1955 in Zagreb,a part of Yugoslavia Croatian from a Jewish mother and a Slovene-Croat father. Her interest in fields of cinema and her passion towards acting made her graduate in the field of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and with a university degree in dramatic arts. She is remembered mostly for the TV series of Babylon 5 in which she played the role of Minbari Ambassador Delenn in all five seasons of the showand also therole of Danielle Rousseau in the first four seasons of the TV shows Lost. She got settled in the Los Angeles when the Yugoslavia broke. A leading actress of more than over 25 films, excellence in theatre, and TV in Croatia. Mira started her journey in the year 1985 with the film "When Father Was Away on Business” as the role of "AnkicaVidmar". She continued her roles in many such movies like With Mom, Twice Born, The Abandoned, Cirkus Columbia, The Tour, Bracapomateri, The Beauty of Vice up to the year of 2014. She almost played all the roles a female Starlet can perform. Her acting skills made her fan circle huge. Besides films she also gained a large fan base in the field of TV series also. She started her carrier in TV shows in the year of 1993 with the show Babylon 5 and constantly worked for it up to the year 1998. Later recognising her veteran acting skills she got selected for many TV series like Spiderman, Lost ,NCIS, Just Add Magic, and several Croatian TV shows. In the early 1980s, she appeared as singer for the first time in the Le Cinema, from the film of rock band. She started giving demoshows and briefly appeared on the stages in the cities of Los Angeles and also New york. She released an album from the movie “THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE”.She got honoured with several prestigious awards for her stage as well as film work. She received two Golden Arenas for Best Actress. She worked as a member for the Croatian National Theatre and was always a frequent guest Star. She also played a major role in ACTORS STUDIO


Imberley Joseph

Imberley Joseph is actor of Australian nationality. Joseph was born in Canada to a noble family in the year of 1973, August 30. She is one of the well known actresses in the USA film industry. Besides her nationality she got favours to work in various film industries. Her family got transferred to gold coast after her third year and got settled their and she grew up there. Her presence for the role of co-hosting the shows of Gladiators, Paradise Beach and in the TV show LOST. Joseph showed her interest even in the negative shade and acted in many such roles. Other than acting she is a great social worker too. Joseph is barely 5’7 feet with a silky golden hair and with a beautiful appearance which made her more attractive. Her beauty is the main thing that attracted many directors to take the part cast of different roles. Joseph opted for many professions like television presenter, photographer, host for many series and also a guest for many. She started her studies in St.hildas school for nine years and later took a degree at Bond University. Due lack of interest she dropped in her 19. At the same time, she made an appearance in the soap opera Paradise Beach. Joseph represented the role of Cassie in Paradise beach. That was her first major role in TV show. She later got chances in many cinemas and Television shows. She is a TV show producer too. Joseph played in over nearly 5 TV series they were Time Trax her debut Television show in 1993. Later worked in Paradise beach, Home and Away, Water Rats, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Murder call, Cold feet, Go big, and her latest appearance in LOST Television show. In spite of her acting skills in TV shows, she made many documentaries. The major ones are Fight Night released in 2005, Linkin Park: Castle of Glass, in fickle Bickle as Jenny Bickle in the year of 2016. Joseph produced two documentaries “The Polygon” and “The Cola Road” and is major hits. She also directed the documentary. She played host in many Television series like E! News her debut host show. Later Australian and American Gladiators, Cold Feet: The final call, Greeks of the roof, 20 to 1. Joseph presently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Scott Chrisman who she got married in 2009. She gave birth to a boy in 2013. She is still active in cinema industry with an age of 43 giving a tire competition to youngsters.

Imberley Joseph English Actress