Sonya Walger is an internationally renowned UK artist. Sonya is born in Hampstead, London in the month of June 6, 1974. She can fluently speak languages of French and Spanish because of her parent’s birth place. Her appearance for the roles of The Librarian: Quest for the Spear in 2004, the mind of a married Man, LOST TV show in 2006, The good sister in which she played a leading role, Her Evil Twin in 2014 and finally The factory. Sonya is a veteran actor with talent in acting and mime performances.

She took an interest in acting right from her childhood and moved her passion towards it accordingly. Sonya is 5’7 feet with light brown hair and black eyes. Her eyes and smile are the most attracting things in her say many artists. Sonya got many complements for her beautiful smile and her acting with it. Sonya started her school in Wycombe Abbey which is an independent school. Later she started her degree in English literature at University of Christ Church Oxford and was successful.

Sonya started her screen appearance in firstly in TV series later in films. Her debut in TV show was with Heat of the Sun as the role of Hilde in the episode of “The sport of kings” and later acted in many like Midsomer Murderers, Good night sweetheart in almost 3 episodes, in series The Mind of the Married Man as Donna Barnes in almost all 20 episodes, in 2003 Coupling of 10 episodes, CSI:NY, in LOST as penny, Terminator: The Sarah Connor, flash forward in 22 episodes, 12 episodes in common law, in sleeper cell as a secret agent, The left over’s, scorpion, and her latest visit in TV show was for criminal minds as role of Marion code well in 2016.

Sonya was able to grab all the offers she could with her talented acting. Sonya played for over ten movies and a short film. The films she acted are Eisenstein her debut into cinema industry in 2000, The search of John Gissing, Caffeine, The factory, Admission, Cold Turkey, The Turkey, The Gambler Click to look into! >> Read More... The Gambler , The Escort, summer of 8, Anon was her latest appearance in 2016. Sonya also made herself many like Home and family, Imagine a TV series short documentary, also played as guest in The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962. He was bo >> Read More... Craig Ferguson a TV show. Sonya married a producer Davey Holmes in 2009. She gave birth to two children namely Billie Rosie and Jake Walger in 2013. She is presently settled in Los Angeles and still contributes to films and TV series.