Birthday: 29-04-1972
Age: 47
Star sign: Taurus

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Gerry Mendicino English Actor

Gerry Mendicino

Gerry Mendicino was born in Ontario, Canada, on 25th September, 1950. His birth name is Gennaro Mendicino, and he is a Canadian actor by birth. He has been in the film industry since 1971, and has played various roles in different movies and TV series. Gerry had his graduation from Windsor University Drama School. In 1971, Mendicino made his debut in television with Polka Dot Door, where he played the character of Host. The theme of the show was educating the children and helping them broaden their creativity. The show proved to be an excellent source of education for the children and was appreciated by the audience. In 1975 and 1977, Gerry appeared in King of Kensington, playing the role of Carlo and Vito in different episodes of the series, which in turn meant he played a vital role on the show. In 1984, Mendicino stepped into the film industry with his debut movie, Bedroom Eyes, where he portrayed the character of a man in the hallway. The movie had Kip Gilman and Barbara Law in the lead roles, and the plot of the film is about how a young man soon witnesses a murder while he was spying through a window. The situation goes against him, and soon he becomes a prime suspect in the case. In April 1993, TV series, “Ready or Not”, premiered its first episode, in which Mendicino played the character of Sam Ramone. The show was directed by Alyse Rosenberg, and had Laura Bertram, Lani Billard, and Jason Deline in the lead roles. The show had five seasons, and the last episode aired on 1997. Gerry appeared in the 2002 American-Canadian romcom movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, where he portrayed the character of Uncle Taki. The story is about an American Greek woman who sinks in love with a non-Greek man. The story progresses as both of them cross different hurdles to make their wedding possible. The movie received positive reviews from the critics and was appreciated by the audience. Gerry Mendicino has also made a guest appearance as Dominic in the TV series, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, in 1994 and 1995. His other works on TV dramas include ‘Vendetta’, ‘Tracker’, The Avengers: United They Stand, Blue Murder, ‘Missing’, ‘Doc’, ‘Mayday’, The Listener and much more. His movies include Perfect Man, Looking for Angelina, The Ache, The Dogfather, Lucky 10, ‘Blindness’, and Saw VI, among others. His recent venture includes the 2015 release, “Life”.


Hershel Blatt

Hershel Blatt is a young Canadian actor who has featured in prominent films like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” He went to Etobicoke School of the Arts for his formal education. He decided to pursue acting as a career option and took admission at Sheridan College. At Sheridan College, he got a diploma degree in the subject of acting. Later, he studied the course of “Theater and Drama Studies” at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. In 2015, he began to act in comedy films which had adult content in its plot. 2016 was a busy year for the Canadian as he appeared in an episode of IRL: The Series. He played the character of Brandon in that segment. He bagged the role of Tommy in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” This 2016 movie is the official sequel to the Oscar-nominated 2002 hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. With Kirk Jones as the director and the legendary actor Tom Hanks as the co-producer of this romantic comedy, the crew completed the shooting in the fall of 2015. When the movie got screened in 2016, it received mixed reviews with the critics termed the flick as the collection of old jokes and repeated stereotypes but also praised the feature for retaining the charm of its prequel. Despite having the much-awaited superhero flick “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as its competitor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 collected a handsome revenue of 89 million dollars at the Box-Office. Although its lead actor Nia Vardalos hinted about the third part of the franchise, Blatt might not reprise his role of Tommy in the next installment. Then, he appeared in H1-KA for a brief role. In 2017, Blatt was a part of HBO Canada’s comedy “What Would Sal Do.” He took the part of Stuart for an episode in this satirical presentation. “What Would Sal Do” centers on Sal who realizes that he is an incarnation of Jesus Christ and tries to become a respectful person so that he does not fail his destiny. Later, “What Would Sal Do” achieved multiple nominations at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. For the remaining part of the year, he involved himself in short films. Among his projects, Mishka showcases the story of a mentally disturbed thirteen-year old girl who attempts to live a normal life after discovering life-changing secrets. Mishka got screened at the Cologne Festival in 2017. Blatt’s next project is a Canadian detective drama “The Detail."

Hershel Blatt English Actor