Joanna Connor English Actress

Someone who could give you a nice little break from your otherwise comfortably numb life. Looking at and listening to whom you would want to be young again and if young then definitely dance upon the excruciating beat she unravels from her guitar. Cheering her up, howling and shouting is always complimentary.

Joanna Conners is a 54-year old (young, actually!) powerhouse mother of two, who could entertain her son and his friends as well and could publicly cheer the spirits of her daughter (with Young Women Blues) on her first breakup. Herself, born on 31 Aug, 1962 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , she with her dazzling guitar has done enough fireworks to bring Rock ‘n’ Blues fans under one roof. This American based star started with house gigs at Chicago Blues in 1984 and grew up listening to Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder and Buddy Guy and finally sharing stage with them and Jimmy Page, Robert Cray to add more.

She, with her well-built voice, went to join Dion Python on his 43rd Street Blues Band in 1987. And then there was no looking back. And why should there be, when you are capable to lift up people’s spirits as a storm?

Her passion found another platform in 1989, when she made herself a face better known to the people of U.S. with ‘Believe it!’ under Blind Pig Label. With her sense of rock dynamics, she went on with ‘Fight’ and ‘Slidetime’ under the same label. Her latest album ‘Six String Stories’ says ‘We Stayed Together’ and she manages to get fans one of her best shot with ‘By Your Side’. She established her position as the ‘brightest star’ with ‘It’s a Women’s Way’ where her work with her fingers will stun you and give her fellows a moment of awe. A few of the songs she sings, she has given spark herself. Writing on the likes of Luther Allison she is also a booming songwriter and given pen to ‘I will find you’ and some more.

The charm and love for her attitude does not stop at her own country. She is equally listened to in Germany after giving life to some documentaries and TV shows. She has been the crux for entertainment of major festivals in Europe and Canada.

After being the first artist who wasn’t at any significant level of stardom to sign a deal with Gibson Guita and Victoria Amps and touring 49 states and 25 countries, presently she resides in Chicago enjoying her life surrounded by the talent she nurtured, fame she deserves and entertaining everyone universally.