Jalmari Halender, from Helsinki, is well known as a Finnish screenwriter and a film director. His films - ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’ and ‘ Big Game Click to look into! >> Read More... Big Game ’ in 2010 and 2014 made him an independent and a great personality. He has directed several short films and award-winning television commercials before being into the feature films. He has worked on the short films named The Fakir (2006), The Official Rare Exports Safety Instructions (2005), Rare Exports Inc. (2003), ‘Ukkonen’ (2001), Maxmillian Tarzan (1999), and ‘Iceman’ (1999).

From the family status, he has two siblings Jusso Helander and Ida-Helander Tommila. Jalmari won Pegasus Audience Award by the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film for his film Rare Exports in 2011, Jussi Award for the Best Art Direction (Paras lavastus) and Big Game in 2016, Variety Piazza Grande Award by Locarno International Film Festival for his film Rare Exports in 2010, Best Director Award and Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver-Special Mention for his film Rare Exports. He was nominated for the Best Direction Award for his film Rare Exports.

Herman J. Mankiewicz English Actor

Herman J. Mankiewicz

Herman Jacob Mankiewicz was a screenwriter for American films in the early to mid-1900. A large volume of his work done by him in that era was not in fact credited to him since he was often asked to edit or add to screenplays written by others. His distinguishing writing feature was his satirical wit that led to many proclaiming him one of the funniest people in the film business at that time. He began his writing career as a correspondent for The Chicago Tribune before moving on to writing pieces on drama and theater for The New York Times and later The New Yorker. He was so good at it and caught the attention of film producer Walter Wanger, who gave him his break in Hollywood. Perhaps his greatest work came in collaboration with Orson Welles in the movie Citizen Kane. The film tells the story of a publisher who gets into the business to change the world but ends up drunk on power to the point that he keeps chasing it. The film was a super-hit and got included in the list of the greatest films ever made and even won Welles and Mankiewicz an Oscar Award for Best Writing – Original Screenplay. Aside from Citizen Kane, Mankiewicz is also best known for his work on The Wizard of Oz. Mankiewicz was quite the worker; when he was the head of the scenario department of Paramount, he worked hard on some films. Since a lot of the work he did went unacknowledged, the exact number of films he worked on is unknown. However, estimates suggest he worked on nearly eighty films during his lifetime. He is best known for his sense of humor combined with a satirical wit that got the tag of the "Mankiewicz humor.’’ It helped his films stand apart from the pack and today he is considered as one of the greatest writers at the beginning of the Sound Era. His films revolved around the wit and comedy of the dialogues to hold the storylines together. His style was so popular it went on to define what is now seen as the typical American movie of the time. Mankiewicz died at the age of 55 due to complications caused by his hardcore alcoholism. He had been a heavy drinker since his early adulthood as he struggled to live up to the expectations set for him by his father. Nevertheless, his provision as one of the greatest screenwriters in the 1900's remains intact.


James Gunn

James Gunn is an actor, director, writer and producer from the American film industry. He was born on August 5th, 1970, in Missouri, United States. Gunn hails from Irish ancestry, and surname means a child to the servers of the god of the deceased. His father worked at the law firm Thompson Coburn, and his siblings are Sean, an actor, Matt, a political writer and Beth. He read magazines since a very young age. Gunn completed his schooling from St. Louis High School and graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then obtained a Master degree in Arts from the University of Columbia in 1995. Gunn formed a band in 1999 called The Icons in which he was the main vocalist. The group attained success in the local region and also performed many albums like Mom, and We Like It Here On Earth. He started his directorial career in 1995 with Troma Entertainment. He was the writer of Tromeo and Juliet. His first comedy film was The Specials. His first screenplay was Scooby-Doo. Slither was his directorial debut film. He directed Humanzee, a comedy movie. He also directed a web series for Spike.com named James Gunn’s PG Porn which made up to EW’s The Must List. In 2008, he appeared as a judge in VH1’s Scream Queens, a Tv reality show. He planned to direct Pets, a comedy film in 2009 but left the project due to several reasons. He then released Super, a paladin and mockery comedy film and Marvel Studios in 2014. Some famous films of Gunn include The Tromaville Cafe, Tromeo and Juliet, The Specials, The Ghouls, Scooby-Doo, Melvin Goes To Dinner, Lolli Love, LocoCycle, Guardians of the Galaxy, Con Man, and the Belko Experiment. Gunn was married to actress Jenna Fischer since 2000. They both had met in St. Louis through Sean, Gunn’s brother. They, however, separated after seven years of marriage in 2007. He also dated a violinist, Mia and model, Melissa. Gunn is currently in a relationship with Jennifer Holland. Gunn received many awards and nominations. Some of them are Bram Stoker Award for Best Screenplay in Dawn of the Dead, Saturn Award for The Filmmakers Showcase Award, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay and Director, Hollywood Film Awards for Blockbuster of the Year, and Critics Choice Award for Best Action Film.

James Gunn English Actor