Will Keenan is an actor, writer, producer, and stuntman from America. His full name is William Sees Keenan. He came into the world on September 14, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child, Will actively participated in school activities, specifically Drama.

He was a child with great leadership skills, which made him a recipient of the prestigious, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award. Will went on to attend the New York University, where he studied Theatre, Psychology, and Dance. Will's immense passion for acting and drama helped him throughout his journey. During his Masters, Keenan started performing in various Broadway shows.

Will made his acting debut with 1996 American Comedy Drama film, titled, "Tromeo and Juliet." The movie directed by Gunn and Kaufman is a parody of Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet." In 1998, Keenan made his debut as a screenwriter and a director with 1998 Short Drama film, "Hoofboy." Will even starred in his debut directorial project. Some of the other films in which Will Keenan acted include, "Terror Firmer," (1999) "The Love Machine," (2000) "Margarita Happy Hour," (2001) "Wolves of Wall Street," (2002) "Love Rome," (2004) and many more. In 2004, Will won an award for Best Feature for his film, "Operation Midnight Climax." Will started his career as a producer with 2000 Drama film, called, " Waiting."

He went on to receive the award for Best Actor in the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival. Keenan later went on to produce motion pictures such as, "Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV,"(2000) "AKA: It's a Wiley World!" (2003). Not many people are aware that Will directed and also acted in the 2004 Comedy Film, named, "Alice's Misadventures in Wonderland." Keenan played the part of the Queen of Hearts in the American film. The film received a positive response from the audiences and the critics. Will's performance got immense admiration. Will also worked on 2010 Bollywood Horror Drama, " Hisss." Will Keenan produced the motion picture.