Hisss is a movie you cannot watch without wondering about how much overrated Indian superstitions have become nbsp Plot We have a naagin Mallika Sherawat

Hisss Movie Review

Hisss Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Hisss"
Runtime: 1 Hour 38 MInutes
Certificate: A
Released: 22-10-2010
Genre: Horror
1 / 5.0

Hisss is a movie you cannot watch without wondering about how much overrated Indian superstitions have become. 


We have a naagin ( Mallika Sherawat) separated from her partner by a foreigner. Her job is to find her lover in any possible circumstance and continue her relationship with him.


Mallika Sherawat had acted in a movie called Mann Gaye Mughal-e-Azam back in 2008. She had disappointed viewers then, so expectations were high for this movie. But as we can see, the chain hasn’t been broken in her case. The foreigner who captures Mallika Sherawat’s lover is Jeff Doucette, who is dying of cancer and thinks he needs the nagmani inside the nagin to cure himself. The nagin isn’t a bad soul and helps distressed women get justice. The storyline was quite irrelevant, though. The special effects were quite good sometimes, but fail to improvise the ruined story.

Star Performances:

Mallika Sherawat as the nagin has not spoken even one word in the entire movie. She has acted her part well as a vicious snake. It's alarming to see her transform from a snake into a fully make-up faced human who has absolutely no idea about how the world works. Irrfan Khan looks perplexed in almost every scene of the film (as to why he is in it), and Divya Datta is completely insignificant.

What's there?

1. There are scenes that will definitely give you goosebumps, not out of fear, but out of creepiness.
2.  Decent graphics
3.  It has a storyline that has lot of potential.
4. Mallika Sherawat’s occasional good acting.

What's not there?

1. Not-so-good climax.
2. Not an interesting story
3.  Hisss does not have any ‘sting’


Hisss is merely passable, with its mediocre editing, and plotline in disarray. Overall, Hiss is a movie that you won't regret not watching. It would be terrible to go to theaters to watch this movie with high expectations.