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Daniel Dubiecki is a film producer in Hollywood. He started his career with the movie Waiting for Mo in 1996 where he was a line producer. In 2005, for the flick Thank You Click to look into! >> Read More... for Smoking, he was the co-producer. Finally, he easily began switching his role to that of a producer in 2009 with his award-winning flick Up in the Air.

He even earned a nomination for the prestigious Oscars and the Academy Award for the movie. The category was for Best Picture. He has also been the co-producer for quite a few ventures. After all the success that he collected around the world, he kicked off his personal film producing company that goes by the name of The Allegiance Theater. The first film under this banner was the 2016 hit Money Monster. His film Up in the Air has fetched him many laurels. Whether it is the BAFTA, Academy Awards, Golden Globe or even Oscars.

George Clooney The long-time “Sexiest Man Alive” and the most “Dr >> Read More... was the male protagonist in the movie. Daniel's early association with cinema had the limits of only short films. At the age of 20, he did not feel that he had the creative instincts enough to indulge in full-fledged production. He went on to create 20 short films, which all won awards. His break into Hollywood came when he was the co-producer of Juno, the 2007 mega hit. He has been experimental and even done flicks like Jennifer's Body, which was a supernatural thriller starring Megan Fox She’s known to be one of the “Sexiest Woman Alive” >> Read More... and also Amanda Seyfried.

He got the chance to run collaborations with other Hollywood big shots when he began gaining even more recognition. All his attempts were in high nominations at all award ceremonies. Daniel's wife is Lara Alameddine, who usually works with him on various projects. Together they were in the process of developing a sci-fi three part movie on the books of Gillian Rubinstein, an Australian author. They got married on 4th August 2007. Apart from cinema and the film industry, the husband and wife duo also run a Pet Lifestyle Licensing and Accessory Company, Little Lily.

Daniel hails from America. His date of birth is 15 July 1977. His place of birth is Santa Monica in California. He is Thirty Nine years old. Dubiecki is a pet-lover. Daniel likes to stay updated on current affairs around the world and is very vocal about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. He loves sports, especially Baseball and Basketball. He currently lives in Los Angeles and uses The Allegiance as a platform to spot hidden talent and giving them a break into the world of glitz and glamor


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