Brian Morton is an American author. His one novel by name ‘Starting out in the Evening’ was adapted into a movie.The film was made in the same name of the novel in the year 2017. The film was directed by Andrew Wagner Andres Wagner is an American director and writer k >> Read More... Andrew Wagner and it had screenplay Andrew Wagner, Fred Parnes.

In this movie, Andrew Wagner did also act in a lead role in this movie.The novel was a best seller and it won the Academy Award for Literature. Such powerful was the script of the novel that actor-director Andrew Wagner purchased the rights to the novel and made a movie. The film won critics appreciation in many international film festivals.

This film tells us about an aging author who has been almost forgotten by his readers and now he wants to complete his last novel.

A university student approaches him with a request to talk freshly about his struggles and various other thoughts as the student is keen to make a thesis. But the author refuses to co-operate. Finally, he agrees, and this is the plot of the novel as well as the movie too.

The film collected admirably well at the box office too although the film had a limited release even in the USA. What was the more talkative part of the movie being that the film had the vision to make a visual medium to the novel. Finally, the director Andrew Wagner has craftily handled the movie by settling for sentimental gestures from his actors.

Actor Frank Langella steals the show. Brian Morton was an excellent author in America and has written five novels so far.  He was born on 8 July 1955 in New Jersey, United States.