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Nicolas Jaar was born on 10th of January in 1990. He is an American by birth but his parents are from Chile. Nicolas is a New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York -based reputed recording artist and also a music composer in electronic music. He has released many albums.

Some of his notable albums are Space is Only Noise (2011), Pomegranates (2015), Sirens  (2016). He is very famous in clubs all around America because of the dance numbers that he introduced between 2008 and 2011.

After releasing his first album, he has gone in various directions, whether be exploring new music or experimenting with new ones, to hosting improvisation concerts for hours, he has done it all. He has released collaborations with many well-known singers of the industry.

His father, Alfredo Jaar, is a Palestinian-Chilean music artist. His mother,Evelyn Meynard, was a French-Chilean.His parents divorced when he was only three years old. After their divorce, he went with his mom from Chile to New York.

But after some months the family met again in New York and hence they all were together again. His life changed when he met G. Mizrahi and Z. Eisenberg in the year 2007. Both Mizrahi and Eisenberg were the owner of a very popular club in New York. When they heard and listened to the works of Nicolas, they were quite impressed.

They wanted him to perform in their club as a drummer and their expectation was met with success as Nicolas rocked the party with his drumming skills. Jaar spent four years of his life learning various forms of dances like pop, hip-hop, salsa and much more. Initially, Jaar used to write and sing songs in the Spanish language.

He used to first hear them to his mother as a joke, but when he got a positive response, he decided to showcase his talents to the public. When he released his maiden album Space is the Only Noise in the year 2011, he received an unexpected response when many music sites rated his album above eight out of ten and many newspapers and magazines rated his album four and a half out of five stars.This gave a big boost to his career. His first album got such a big response that he was determined to publish more in the coming future.