Shannon Esrechowitz

Other names of Shannon Esrechowitz: Shannon Esra

Shannon Esra also known as Shannon Esrechowitz is a South African actress. She has been working in films and television for a long time. When she was just four, she acted for the first time in a nursery school concert. She was also seen at different talent contests, which was held at local levels. Even before she completed her graduation, she made her acting debut in I Dreamed of Africa. She played the character of Siri. She completed her graduation in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. She bagged the award for the Best Performance by a New Comer for her role in I Dreamed of Africa.

She acted in theater acts at Japes, Six Inches in 2003 and Homebound in 2004. With acting in a Bollywood film, Salam-e-Ishq, Shannon became the first Caucasian actresses in a lead role. She played the role of a Canadian girl who comes to India when she came to know her boyfriend is getting married to someone else in India. She meets Raju (Govinda) – a taxi driver, who helps her in India and she falls in love with him. She worked in films like Life is Wild, Number 10 and The Triangle.