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English Movie Actress Jennifer Kent
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Jennifer Kent was born in Australia. She completed her studies by the year 1991, from National Institute of Dramatic Art. She began her career acting initially by working in television. Her first TV show was Murder Call, which was a thirty-one episode series. After that, she appeared in several TV series includes Police Rescue, All Saints, etc.

She also worked as a teacher for institutions like NIDA, AFTRS. She lost her interest towards acting and started pursuing her interest towards movie making. She approached director trying to learn to direct. By the year 2002, she joined  Trier as an assistant for his film direction Dogville. By 2006, she took the role of director by directing an Episode of Two twisted. By 2005, she directed her short film Monster, which  was very successful having more than 50 festivals.

In 2014, she started her lengthy feature film The Babadook Click to look into! >> Read More... . The story revolves around the single mother who deals with her husband's death. The film was distributed in U.S cinemas and she did several draft works and collected funds from the Australian Government and raised about US$30, 000, But the film doubled its budget, and it was a worldwide box office hit with about $4.9 million. Then she planned to take a horror cinema. Being a female director, she proved to make the horror movie. Her first movie portrays about the problems that a woman faces  every day, this made the move to become a box office hit. The film revolves around how a widowed mother struggles to save her child from an evil entity.

She narrated two feature picture named Grace and Nightingale. Nightingale deals with Death that happens in Australia. In June 2005, she released the non-fiction book named Alice + Freda Forever. The book deals with the real life of Alice and her lover Freda. She took that story as a film, she was the writer and director of the talkie.

She got the best direction, Screenplay, First film award for  The Babadook movie. In 2014, she announced that she had released the limited edition of her book The Babadook. The book sold out about 6200 copies all over the World.


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