American actress Kathryn Hahn was born in Illinois on July 23, 1973, she had her grooming in Cleveland, Ohio, where her family still resides. She belongs to the new generation of actresses who found that there are more opportunities than their counterparts had in years past. 

Kathryn had possessed an edgy determination of women beginning an incredible journey with enormous personal and professional stakes. As a full-fledged actress, she has stolen scenes in various kinds of roles she had appeared. Whether she played the role of a young girl or a revolutionary character, she had made an effortless transition from screwball comedy to complex drama. 

This actress has revealed that she is more confident on stage. Being in front of the lens was something she was not supposed to be before. But she grew up watching the beautiful and talented people before camera expressing them on the screen that she liked the most. She always felt that she could not be okay with having a camera in her face. 

She, therefore, expresses gratitude to all for what she has been able to achieve in movies. That is Kathryn Hann, who grew up with acting and learnt every skill from her job. With a total humility, she has never felt like a movie star but had felt just like a working actor. 

As a child, she had the opportunity to get a small role in child TV show. Hence, she became a TV star first and then made her foray into films later. She has the distinction of holding Bachelor of Science Degree in Theatre from Chicago’s Northwestern University. 

Then, she had moved to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York and had post graduation in the elite Yale School of Drama, At this juncture, she was spotted by NBC casting executive of a production house. She acted in popular films like ‘’We’re the Millers,” “Anchorman” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” But the Westchester”, ‘’ Bad Words Click to look into! >> Read More... Bad Words ’’ etc.. She tied her knot with actor Ethan Sandler on January 3, 2002. The couple resides in Los Angeles. The couple is blessed with two children. This actress is quite famous for her screen presence and was well received in films including’ We’re the Millers’, ‘ Step Brothers Click to look into! >> Read More... Step Brothers ’, and recently ‘ Tomorrowland Click to look into! >> Read More... Tomorrowland ’ (released May 20, 2015).