She was born on January 4, 1989, in Indonesia. Estelle is her middle name; her father Thiery Gasnier, is a French-American, her mother, Hilda Limbara is a Chinese-Indonesian, and she is a Catholic from birth. She inherits different culture and eye-widener beauty of Indonesia. She has an elder sister, Cathy Sheron, who works both as an actress and a TV host. Estelle did her mid-school in an International school, in Jakarta and finished her high school in 2007.

Her entrance to acting began when she was 15 years old; she gave her debut stage performance in the drama ‘Alexandria’ in 2005. It turned out to be her first movie,  that won her the ‘Most Favourite Rising Star Award’ by MTV Indonesian Award. In 2009 a horror flick ‘Macabre’ , an Indonesian film had released, in which she played the role ‘Ladya’ a friend of a newly married couple. It was a remake of a short film named as ‘Darah.’ She did a lead role in another Indonesian horror film ‘Kuntilanak’ in 2006. This movie was also  released in the English language as ‘The Chanting.’ The story speaks about a kind of black magic, which is used to summon a person witnessed by placing an antique object before. Another two versions of that movie had been released in the preceding year and in 2008.

Her casts include, ‘Dealova’ (2005), ‘Selamanya’ (2007), ‘Aku atau Dia’ (2010), ‘Brokenhearts’ (2012), and ‘The RAID 2’which had released in 2014 earned her name. It is her first martial arts movie, when questioned about her cast, Julie replied that her audition had been her training for martial arts for four days, and on the fifth day she had her sequence recorded. After assessing them, she was called and confirmed. The fight moves have been choreographed by Iko and Yayan. Julie Estelle broke-up with Moreno Suprapto on 2008.  

She has also starred in some television series, ‘Melamar Peramal’ (2008), ‘AmanahDalam Cinta’ (2010), ‘Kasih dan Cinta’ on 2011, ‘Dewi Penjaga Rindu’ (2012) and ‘The East’ (2015). Some of the music video’s she appeared are, ‘Akal Sehat’, ‘Hafizah’, ‘Letoy’, ‘Bidadari’, ‘Takkan Ada Aku Lagi’, ‘Ketahuan’ and ‘Cobalah Mengerti’. The products she endorsed were ‘Lays’, ‘Sunsilk’, ‘Veet’, ‘Magnum Gold’, ‘Laurier’, ‘Biore’, ‘Telkomsel’, and ‘Sharp Papilon’.

Julie Engelbrecht English Actress

Julie Engelbrecht

Julie Engelbrecht was born on June 30, 1984, in Paris. She is a German; her mother is Constanze Engelbrecht who is an actress, and began her career by voicing for someone in the television series. She was voicing him for six years for the German serial called ‘Lessie.’ In 1970, in a TV show, she played as ‘Derrick, The Old Fox, Tatort.’ She gave her big-screen debut in 1984, and it goes on. Julie Engelbrecht, when she was 12 years old; she performed with her mother in a series named ‘Adieu, Mon Ami’ in 1996. Her father Francois Nocher, he was an actor and a producer. He began his career through Radio first and later to screens. His debut is through, ‘Les Quatre Cents Coups’, it is a feature film directed by Francois Truffaut. He did some courses and took an internship at a town. He wrote screenplays for radio and plays. He being an associate producer produced three feature films, numerous shot and the movie One Minute for a Picture. In 1999 he co-directed and scripted, I Speak of a Time for Grand Theatre de Colombes. And then he married Constanze Engelbrecht, who died in 2000. Julie was both into films and TV series . After working with her mother, she went to a Public University of Music in Hamburg, Germany from 2004 to 2007. In 2005 she appeared in a television series ‘Tatort’ as ‘Natalie Bracault’, the same year she performed as ‘Valerie Ulmendorff’ in a small screen sequel ‘Mutig in Die Neuen Zeiten’ for which she have been nominated for Undine Award under the category of ‘Best Young Actress in a Movie’. Others include, ‘Rumpelstilzchen’ (2009), ‘Alarm fur Cobra 11’ (2010), ‘Countdown’ (2011), and a few more. She is the granddaughter of Alice Franz; who has voiced for animated series like ‘Heidi’, ‘Sindbad’, and ‘Maya the Bee’. In television series she voiced for ‘Simpsons’, later then it took over by another person as it continued. The films she appeared in are as follows:- ‘Before the Fall’ (2004) as Katherina, ‘The Red Baron’ in 2008, ‘Berlin 36’(2009) she appeared as Elizabeth, ‘Barbecue’ as Julie in 2014, ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ (2015) and a couple more.


Julie Ferrier

On 5 December 1971, she was born in Courbevoie, France. She is an actress, director, dancer and a French comedian. She worked as a choreographer for ten years, one among them was Redha. In 1992 she danced for the Albertville Olympic Games; under Nils Tavernier, she put together ‘Sensual Loneliness’ along with others. She had been with Jacques Lecoq for two years for learning about ancient drama acts like the mime, the mask and buffoon and clown. In 2004, she staged a play which was written by her ‘Today is Ferrier’ led by Isabelle Nanty, was a great success. She enacted a play ‘Mademoiselle’ in 2008 which explains about the day –to-day problems faced by women. Julie Ferrier judged the short films which had been conducted by Fantastic Art. The movie ‘Heartbreaker’ which had released on 2010, earned a nice place in her career. It is a romantic comedy French film, which was directed by Pascal Chaumeil. The story was about the professional couple-breaker, who falls in love with a girl, who he opted against his rule, and that girl is about to be get married in ten days. ‘The Love Death’ in 2011 she staged in Marigny Theatre. Once again she appeared as a judge in NT1 broadcast at 2012 in ‘You Can Dance.’ The cine career she crossed are, ‘The Sound of Butterflies’ (2005), ‘ Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ (2006), ‘Didine’ (2007), ‘Our Ruthless World’, ‘It Is treatable??’, ‘Paris’ and few more in the year 2008. Then ‘Micmacs’ she acted as an ‘Elastic Girl’ which had been released on 2009. ‘The Strategy of the Stroller’ (2012), ‘The Domestic Life’ (2013), ‘The List of My Desire’ (2014), ‘No Way’ (2015), ‘Lost At Sea’ (2016) and much more. Each year at least two of her films will be released. Short Films like Boris, Hide and Seek in 1992, Bring My Strawberry in 2006, ‘Accro o Croco’ in 2009 and some more. She voiced for an animation movie, ‘A Monster in Paris’ in 2011.

Julie Ferrier English Actress