Jeanette Hain English Actress

Jeanette Hain, born on February 8th, 1969, in Munich, is a German film artist. She graduated from the University of Television and Film, Munich. In 1996, she featured in the movie, Love And Doom, as the lead actress. Her film, Romantic Woman, released in 1999, is an award- winning and popular movie.

Jeanette featured in two episodes of the TV show, Felicia Lavergne, gaining popularity for her performance. After this, she appeared in many television roles, like In Farewell, and Brecht’s Last Summer, in 2000. In Brecht’s Last Summer, she played the lead role of Brecht. She also appeared in the Filmfest of Monte Carlo Click to look into! >> Read More... Monte Carlo , The Elephant, and Until the Tips, where she played the main roles.

After 2005, she appeared in many television shows like Off As I Want and The Eagle Click to look into! >> Read More... The Eagle . She appeared in many productions of theater like Welcome House, ‘Bibi’, ‘Sass’, ‘TKKG’, and Ms. Radish Czerni and I. She also played the role of Baroness in the English drama, The Young Victoria. In the historical movie, The Countess, she played the role of the mother of the Countess. Jeanette has two children, Jonas Hain, and Malau Hain.

Some of Jeanette’s famous films and TV shows are The Trio (1997), Mrs. Radish Czerni and I (1998), Storm Time (1999), The Pocket Venus (2002), Dinner For Two (2003), Once as I want (2005), Greed, Pole (2010), A Dangerous Fortune and A Strong Team, released in 2016. She won several awards like DIVA Award in 1999, Grimme Award in 2010, and Best Actor nationally in 2011, for her performance in The Poll.