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Cinderella Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Cinderella is one of the most famous fantasy stories in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales collection. The Cinderella plot has had many adaptations in the film industry; the most noteworthy is the animated feature by Walt Disney. The new Cinderella film is a live-action feature by Disney that carries the same plot. Kenneth Branagh is the director of the movie. He has directed and acted in many award-winning productions, and the new Cinderella story is just another notch in his belt. Ella is a beautiful young girl enslaved by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters.

They treat her like their own, personal housemaid and ridicule her at every moment. Unable to stand her stepfamily’s treatment, she rides off into the forest and bumps into a handsome stranger. What follows is the whole boy meets girl, falls in love spiel. They meet again during the ball which Cinderella can attend with help from the friendly, fairy godmother, but only for a short time limit. Finally, after a serious of ridiculous events involving a abandoned glass slipper and a kingdom-wide shoe try-outs, Cinderella and the young prince have their happily ever after.

The movie is a re-telling of the classic, except in live-action and the casting is perfect for the roles. It has most of the animal characters such as the mice, the lizard coachmen, and the graphics are incredible. The cinematography is apt, and the dialogue is funny and witty enough to indulge all age groups. Every film based around the Cinderella plot line tries to one-up each other on the wickedness of the step-mother. On the whole, the movie is a funny live rendition of a timeless fairy tale that is fun and enjoyable to watch.