The co-founder cum the director of The Black Lung Theater and Whaling Firm, Thomas Michael Wright, is an Australian actor. He is also a Director, Producer, and Writer.

Early Life

Tom's hometown is Melbourne.


In 2013, Tom featured in a series called Top of the Lake. He played Johnno Mitcham in this series followed by a nomination for the best actor in supporting role. In the profusely famous series The Bridge, Tom played the role of Steven Linder. In 2015, he appeared in the feature called Everest, based on the 1996 tragedy. He did a commendable job in the movies Balibo and Van Diemen's Land. He was a theater actor before entering into films. He directed and designed many productions like Queensland Theater co., Brisbane Festival, Malthouse Theater. Not only has he directed and designed for these productions but also has played lead roles in many of the plays. At the age of 22, Tom co-founded The Black Lung Theater and Whaling Firm. His partner was Thomas Henning. Their company is one of the strongest associations in the market and have also got critical acclamation and nominations for various awards. One of Wright's films mostly talked about is Doku Rai in which he in spite being the lead actor played his part as a director, designer, writer. This movie won multiple nominations for several awards and was critically acclaimed for the Darwin Festival, Brisbane Festival amongst others. Currently, Thomas is developing a production with The Encircling Sea.