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Shahab Hosseini is an actor from Iran.

He was born on the 4th of February, 1974, in the capital of Iran, Tehran. He married Parichehr Ghanbari in 1996. He has been active in the industry since 1997. He studied at the University of Tehran. However, he dropped college midway, because he had plans to shift to Canada. Instead, he became a host on an Iranian radio channel. Later, he also played the role of a host for various programs meant for the youth and also bagged roles in a few TV shows. He entered the world of films with The Woman Does Not Speak, and also, A Candle in the Wind.

He played the role of Ali Ahmadi in After the Rain, a TV series. It narrates a story set in the era of Reza Shah. He acted in the film, Vakonesh Panjom, or Fifth Reaction, with the character of Majid. This picture received a nomination at the Khane Film Awards. He was also a part of the movie, Shami Dar Bad, or A Candle in the Wind, which won the Best Film Award at the Khane Film Awards and was nominated for the same at the Fajr Film Festival. Some famous Iranian TV shows he featured in were Zero Degree Turn, Dance Fly and Ancient Land.

He has also contributed to films which play on TV such as After the Rain, Zero Degree Turn, Shoghe Parvaz and Sarzamine Kohan. Rastegari Dar Hasht & Bist Daghighe was a movie in which he played Fo’ad. He was nominated at the Fajr Film Festival for Best Actor Award, because of this movie. It released to the public in 2004. He won in the same category at the same Film Festival for ‘Mahya’, in 2007. His character in the picture was a man named Javid. Another one of his achievements is earning the Best Actor Award for his role as Kourosh Zand in the motion picture, ‘ Superstar Click to look into! >> Read More... Superstar ’. About Elly and Parseh Dar Meh won him the Best Actor Award by Khane Film Awards. He featured in ‘Gozareshgar’, a film which was produced by the Republic of Azerbaijan, a neighbouring country.

Later, in 2011, he was part of a picture titled Nader and Simin, A Separation. This movie of his won many awards. Some of them were Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film and the Golden Globe Award for the Best International Film. Shahab Hosseini was awarded several best actor awards for the film too. His latest movie is The Salesman.