Robbie Coltrane English Actor

He was the most well-known and finest game keeper for Hogwarts, “Rubeus Hagrid”. Behind that character is an honorable Robert Coltrane.

He was born as Anthony Robert McMillan OBE in Rutherglen, Scotland on March 30, 1950. A son to pianist-teacher and a police forensic investigator. He attended  Glen Almond College. The he went to study to Glasgow School and finished his studies at Moray House College of Education. He was almost kicked-off from the school for being so naughty and for doing a serious prank. He married Rhona Gemmell on 1999.

He first appearedin the film “Flash Gordon” and “Death Watch” both in 1980. This was followed with numerous films like a comedy film “Britannia Hospital” in 1982. He also filmed to movies on 1983 entitled “Krull” and the independent film “Ghost Dance” both in 1983. He also appeared in “National Lampoon’s European Vacation” as the man in the bathroom, the comedy film “The Supergrass”, and the thriller “Defence of the Realm” all in 1985. He filmed overwhelming movies, in 1992, he was nominated for the Best Performance in A Supporting Role for the movie “Oh, What a Night.” He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in “harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone.” These was followed in 2002 for being nominated Best Ensemble for “Chamber of Secrets.” His voice was used also for Mr. Hyde in “Van Helsing in 2004. It is considered that his best acting career was pumped by Harry Potter Series. He also worked for the movie “Brave” and “ Great Expectations Click to look into! >> Read More... Great Expectations ” both released in 2012. His last movie was in 2014 entitled “Effie.” He receive the OBE or the “Officer” for the “Order of the British Empire” in 2006.