Misha Collins English Actor

Misha Collins is an English actor who has worked in several Hollywood films. His actual name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. Misha was born on he was born on 20th August 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts. Misha’s father’s name is Richard Krushnic, and his mother is Rebecca Tippens. He has a Jewish decent and belongs to a poor class family. He kept his stage name from his grandmother’s name. In his childhood, he has struggled a lot, and often, he and his family were left homeless. He got his schooling done from Greenfield Center School, Northfield Mount Hermon School, and the University of Chicago.

He got graduated in social theory from there. Misha, after doing graduation, did an internship at the White House when Bill Clinton was the President. He started acting in 1998 and is active in the film industry. Besides being an amazing actor, Misha is also an equally good poet and writer. Talking about his personal life, Misha got married to Victoria Vantoch on 6th October 2001. On 23rd September, the couple gave birth to a cute son West Anaximander Collins, and on 25th September 2012, they had a daughter Maison Marie Collins. Collins, along with his wife, has written a cookbook. He is very kind and runs several charity organizations for poor peoples.