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Fury Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer powerfully demonstrates the scenario of a battle ground and the mentality of a person hardened by wars. The huge battle tanks, Arsenal are wonderfully manifested. The daredevilry of soldiers is evident from the clip. After entering a battlefield, there is no turning back. The firm emotions, the zeal to defeat the enemy and the hunger to survive can be clearly felt. Complete violence and carnage can be witnessed in the trailer. This trailer has got 14,105,312 views on JoBlo Movie Trailers page on Youtube.

Sony Picture Releasing Uk have uploaded 21 videos for the film. Fury has been directed by David Ayer. The movie is set in the 1945 backdrop. It narrates the war tales of Don Collier, referred to as Wardaddy. He commands his battle tank Fury, along with its five-man crew. Norman, who is a fresh recruit, joins them and his inexperience lands them in many troubles. Wardaddy is upset with his performance and trains him hard to make him strong mentally, but Norman ends up in shock whenever he witnessed violence.

The movie depicts how Fury faces attacks and all the members fight hard to bring down the enemy. A situation arises when Fury is the lone fighter surrounded by multiple tanks of enemies. But all the men in Fury fight hard and intense. Only Norman alone remains alive. The critics praised Fury for its excellent portrayal of war and for shaping up the monstrous, yet upstanding character of Wardaddy. The movie received great admiration from the viewers as well.