James Dean English Actor
  • DOB : 08-02-1931
  • Date of death: 30-09-1955
  • Star Sign : Aquarius

Born in Marion, Indiana, James Dean was an American actor, who is best identified for his vexed teenage character named, Jim Stark in the movie, “Rebel Without a Cause”, and maybe that’s why most of the teenagers go through a case of cynicism; for the reason that James Dean has become a cultural representation of communal falling-out. James Dean was more attached to his mother than his father, and at the age of nine, she died of uterine cancer. Further in the future, Dean’s father sent him to live with his sister and her husband and thus, he was brought up in the Quaker house.

Apparently, he had been involved in physical intimacy with a pastor that he’d been pretty close with. However, the reality is arbitrary here, since the possibility of James Dean being sexually abused by the pastor can also be valid. Dean’s stepping stone into the world of glamor was a television commercial of Pepsi Cola, which encouraged him to quit college and choose acting as a full-time career. Later, her acquired three roles in films which were, as a soldier in “Fixed Bayonets!”, as a boxing corner-man in “Sailor Beware”, a comedy with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Simultaneously, his struggling days were accompanied with an odd job as a parking lot attendant in the CBS Studios. Another one of his jobs includes as a stuntman when he moved to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , a job from which he was fired eventually because he performed the stunt way too quickly. Before studying method actor under the guidance of Lee Strasburg, James Dean guest-starred in various television series like, “Lux Video Theatre”, “Studio One”, “The Web” etc. Then, he did the role of “Bachir” in the year 1954, and his performance was immensely appreciated for it, so much that calls from Hollywood started to pour in for his casting. The two additional roles that can identify his immense stardom are that of Cal Trask, a loner in the movie, “East of Eden”, and a gruff ranch helper in the movie, “The Giant.” William Bast, one of James Dean’s friends and a screenwriter claimed fifty years after the celebrity’s demise that they had engaged in a sexual association.

However, one of the most recalled relationships of James Dean has to be with the Italian actress, Pier Angeli, whom he encountered while the actress was filming the project, “The Silver Chalice” on an adjacent Warner set. Pier felt passionately for Dean, considering the fact that she has always described their relationship in a vividly intimate manner in many of her interviews. Also, James Dean had started to develop a strong interest in auto racing. He was unable to finish one of the competitions due to blown piston. Driving to compete at a racing competition in Salinas, California, James Dean got into a car accident while traveling via U.S. Route 466. He was detected with a weak pulse after the accident and was declared dead on arrival, briefly after he managed to reach the hospital by the ambulance.