Born in Marion, Indiana, James Dean was an American actor, who is best identified for his vexed teenage character named, Jim Stark in the movie, “Rebel Without a Cause”, and maybe that’s why most of the teenagers go through a case of cynicism; for the reason that James Dean has become a cultural representation of communal falling-out. James Dean was more attached to his mother than his father, and at the age of nine, she died of uterine cancer. Further in the future, Dean’s father sent him to live with his sister and her husband and thus, he was brought up in the Quaker house.

Apparently, he had been involved in physical intimacy with a pastor that he’d been pretty close with. However, the reality is arbitrary here, since the possibility of James Dean being sexually abused by the pastor can also be valid. Dean’s stepping stone into the world of glamor was a television commercial of Pepsi Cola, which encouraged him to quit college and choose acting as a full-time career. Later, her acquired three roles in films which were, as a soldier in “Fixed Bayonets!”, as a boxing corner-man in “Sailor Beware”, a comedy with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Simultaneously, his struggling days were accompanied with an odd job as a parking lot attendant in the CBS Studios. Another one of his jobs includes as a stuntman when he moved to New York, a job from which he was fired eventually because he performed the stunt way too quickly. Before studying method actor under the guidance of Lee Strasburg, James Dean guest-starred in various television series like, “Lux Video Theatre”, “Studio One”, “The Web” etc. Then, he did the role of “Bachir” in the year 1954, and his performance was immensely appreciated for it, so much that calls from Hollywood started to pour in for his casting. The two additional roles that can identify his immense stardom are that of Cal Trask, a loner in the movie, “East of Eden”, and a gruff ranch helper in the movie, “The Giant.” William Bast, one of James Dean’s friends and a screenwriter claimed fifty years after the celebrity’s demise that they had engaged in a sexual association.

However, one of the most recalled relationships of James Dean has to be with the Italian actress, Pier Angeli, whom he encountered while the actress was filming the project, “The Silver Chalice” on an adjacent Warner set. Pier felt passionately for Dean, considering the fact that she has always described their relationship in a vividly intimate manner in many of her interviews. Also, James Dean had started to develop a strong interest in auto racing. He was unable to finish one of the competitions due to blown piston. Driving to compete at a racing competition in Salinas, California, James Dean got into a car accident while traveling via U.S. Route 466. He was detected with a weak pulse after the accident and was declared dead on arrival, briefly after he managed to reach the hospital by the ambulance.

James Corden English Actor

James Corden

James Corden's first appearance on-stage was when he was eighteen year old, as a minor character with one line in the play "Martin Guerre," a musical. Since then, he has traveled far, becoming a comedian, writer, actor, producer, television host, and also writing and co-producing one of the most loved and successful TV shows of the decade. Born on August 22nd 1978,Hillingdon, Great Britain, United Kingdom, Corden’s parentage was not as extravagant as we may believe it to be. Malcolm Corden was a musician in the RAF band, while mother Margaret Corden was a humble social worker. James is the second of the three Corden children, the only brother to his two sisters, the elder Andrea Henry and younger Ruth Corden. As a young adult, Cordenhad a small boy band which, he confesses, did really nothing. In his conversation with the hosts of The Talk, he revealed the names of his bands, which were Full Frontal and Insatiable, two different bands that he has his good laugh at.Corden’s ascent to success was slow, but sure. Gifted with flair to entertain, he made an entry into the mad world of showbiz in 1999 with the series, “Boyz Unlimited.” He, later on, appeared in some other shows, though his roles weren’t of massive gravity. His earliest ventures on the big screen involve, “Whatever Happened to HaroldSmith” (1999), “All or Nothing”, “Heartlands” and “Cruise of the Gods,” all in 2002. Corden’s career took a significant turn for the better when he starred in the British television series, “Fat Friends” as Jamie Rymer, during the years 2000-2005. He made a cordial alliance with co-stars Ruth Jones, a friendship that was to reap great fruit shortly. Fat Friends achieved success and James was nominated for a prominent award in London. After a few stage performances, James’s most successful project materialized in the form of “Gavin and Stacey,” a BBC Three sitcom which he co-wrote with Ruth Jones, his Fat Friends’ co-star. The show came out in 2007, with Corden also acting in it, and soon rose to popularity, garnering appreciation from viewers and critics alike. It earned itself some prominent nominations and bagged many awards, James being awarded the BAFTA Television Award for Best Comedy Performance, and was also presented the award for Best Male Comedy Newcomer by British Comedy Awards, in 2008 and 2007 respectively. The shows increasing popularity brought great recognition for James, who undertook many projects which weren’t all greatly accepted. After presenting the Brit Awards with Kylie Minogue and Matthew Horne in the February of 2009, James’s next big success was the comedy/sports panel show, “A League of Their Own,” which James hosted with Andrew Flintoff Jamie Redknapp. The show began in March 2010, aired on Sky 1. Corden’s career had now started taking speed. In the June of the same year, James appeared in the sitcom, “Dr. Who,” which has accumulated mass popularity since its first telecast in 2005. He enacted the role of Craig Owens int the episode “The Lodger” in 2010, and then again in December in the episode “Closing Time. ”Corden once again presented the BRIT Awards in February 2011, and later in the year, appeared as Planchet, the comic assistant to Athos, Aramis, Porthos, in the movie, “The Three Musketeers” which was an adaptation of the book by Alexandre Dumas, and directed by Pal W.S. Anderson. The production, “One Man, Two Guvnors,” saw Corden in the lead role. The play started in June 2011 and fetched James great acclaim. In 2012 he was accoladed for Outstanding Actor in a Play with the Drama Desk Award, , award for Best Actor in a Play and the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play, all in the year 2012. In September 15, 2012, James married Julia Carey and the couple now is blessed with two children, son Max, born in March 2011, and daughter Carey named after Julia’s maiden name, born on October 27, 2014. James dotes on his children is often seen spending time with his family. Corden’s next project, “The Wrong Mans,” was aired in September 2013. It was a six-part comedy-thriller, of which he was the writer and also an actor. Insofar, none of his projects got him the universal recognition as the most recent, and the most successful one, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” got him. Succeeding Craig Fergusson, James became the host of the popular talk show in September 2014, officially appearing in his first episode on March 23, 2015, where Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis were his guests. The Late Late Show has been a smashing success, with its most loved segment, “The Carpool Karaoke” being James’s own brainchild. Corden told in his interview to The Big Issue that initially his idea was not accepted by the cast. “No one wanted to do Carpool Karaoke until I played the tape of me singing in a car with George Michael to some Mariah Carey label,” said Corden. Many celebrities have been guests to Corden’s Carpool karaoke, stars like Adele, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, Sia, Jennifer Lopez, and as on June 13, 2016, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the list doesn’t end. Drop-the-Mic, another very popular segment, recently became viral when Corden and David Schwimmer, the famous Ross Geller from the 90s loved sitcom, “Friends”, engaged in a rap battle, ending in Rebel Wilson intervening. Corden has had a silly, good-natured rap face-off with many celebrities, Ann Hathaway, Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift and Kevin Hart amongst some of the latest. Corden recounts the moment when his father good-humoredly laughed at the queer airing time of the show, which is 12:35a.m. Old Mr. Corden told his son to rather call it The Early Early Show with James Corden, since it was hard for him to believe that anyone would watch television so late in the day. James shifted to Los Angeles from the U.K due to his chat show. He feels incredibly indebted and thankful to his wife, Julia, who moved with him to an entirely new country ten weeks after childbirth. Despite his stay away from home, he continues to be a proud Briton, going home with his family for holidays. His singular concern is his children, who he fears might not inculcate the English traditions dueto their childhood away from their roots, though his wife and he himself try their best to keep their grooming as much English as possible. In June 2015, James was honored with the Order of the British Empire (OBE), the second highest civilian award, rewarding individual’s contributions to arts and science. James was endowed with this honor for his contribution to Drama, by Princess Anne. His wife accompanied him to the event. In 2016, he presented the Tony Awards, which he says was “nerve wrecking,” as against being nominated and winning a Tony Award. James continues to plume himself with further ventures in what he loves to do. His autobiography, “May I Have Your Attention, Please?: An Autobiography” got published in 2011, ISBN 978-1846059353.


James Haven

Born in the one of the greatest cities in the world, Los Angeles, California, James Haven is an American actor and producer, who is the lad of actors, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand and the elder brother to the distinguished actress, Angelina Jolie. Angelina and James were nurtured by their mother when the children’s parents separated in the year 1976. The mother quit acting and moved to Palisades, New York with her children. James Haven did his schooling in “Beverly Hills High School” after the family moved back to Los Angeles, a decade later. After graduation, he enlisted himself at the “USC School of Cinema-Television”. Haven was starred in numerous films with his sister in the picture. However, he always did minor roles in those movies, some of which are, “Original Sin”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Gia” etc. Eventually, he gave up the profession of acting in the year 1998. He also performed in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the year 2004, and in an episode of “The Game” in the year 2007. In the year 2005, Haven was the executive producer of the biopic, “Trudell”, which records the lifetime and effort of Saintee Sioux musician and activist, John Trudell. This documentary was an official selection at the “Sundance Film Festival” and “Tribeca Film Festival”. Also, it won the award for best documentary at the “Seattle Film Festival”. In the year 2011, he became the executive producer of the short comedy movie, “That’s Our Mary”. Since 2006, Haven has been the executive board director of “Artivist”, a festival in Los Angeles that highpoints movies lecturing about human privileges, animal rights, and ecological subjects. His personal life is mostly about how he dropped his surname, “Voight” because of the least intimacy that he shared with his father. However, after his mother’s demise in the year, 2007 because of ovarian cancer, James Haven reunited with his father.

James Haven English Actor