Horst Buchholz was a famous German actor.

He was born on the 4th of December, 1933. He was always interested in theater. Due to this passion of his, he started getting involved in theatrical work even before he left school. His first stage performance was in 1949, at the age of 16. Soon, he shifted to West Berlin, where he earned a good name in the Schiller Theater.

Along with being a talented actor, he was a multilingual too. Owing to this skill of his, he dubbed many foreign films into the native language. Just two years after his appearance on stage, he started getting little roles in several films. He received a comparatively bigger role in the movie ‘Marianne’, in 1954. It had not even been a year when he acted in Himmel Ohne Sterne, for which he bagged the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival. His next film was Die Halbstarken, which describes the aggressive behavior of adolescents in the time after the Second World War got over. This movie brought him a lot of teen admirers.

Even though Die Halbstarken brought him a lot of attention, he achieved real stardom with Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull, in 1957. He adapted the movie from Thomas Mann’s novel, Confessions of Felix Krull. Going ahead of German films, he started to act in British films too, with his first picture being Tiger Bay, alongside Hayley Mills. He followed this up with The Magnificent Seven, in 1960, ‘Fanny’ in 1961, and One, Two, Three of the same year. All of these motion pictures were Hollywood productions. After the success of these movies, he became quite popular among the American film audience and got offered many roles in prestigious productions subsequently. However, he turned down many role offers in movies, which went on to become immensely successful. Some of these were West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia, and A Fistful of Dollars.

Though he did some substantial work in the 1970s, the peak of his career was in the 1960s. Le Sauveur, a French drama film, was an exception. At the beginning of the 21st Century, just when the world had begun to accept homosexuality, he declared that he was of bisexual nature. His son, Christopher Buchholz, made a biographical film based on his father titled Horst Buchholz..Mein Papa, in 2005.

Pneumonia, he caught from a hip fracture operation, proved fatal for him. He died on the 3rd of March, 2003, at the age of 69. Taking his last breath in Berlin, the city he was very loyal to. He was buried there itself.

Holmes Osborne English Actor

Holmes Osborne

Holmes Osborne was born on 7th of November in the year 1947. Currently, he is 69 years of age. He is an actor from America. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri in US (United States). He is well-known for the films like Donnie Darko which was released in the year 2001, The Box released in the year 2009, and The Southland Tales released in the year 2007. All these films are directed by Richard Kelly. Along with these movies, he has also worked in many other movies like Bring it on which was released in the year 2000, That Thing you do release in the year 1996, Larry Crowne released in the year 2011, Cheaper by the Dozen released in the year 2003, and much more. In the year 2000, he has worked in a film named “Bring it on” which was made in the genre of teen comedy. In this film, Holmes played the role of a father of Kirsten Dunst. In the year 1996, in a film named “That Thing you do” which was made in the genre of musical comedy/drama, Holmes played the role of Tom Everett Scott’s father. In the year 1999, Holmes made a guest appearance as a necromancer in one of the episodes of “The X- Files” along with Lance Henriksen for the Millennium Group. He has been in the industry from the year 1976. Apart from appearing in movies, Holmes Osborne has also worked in many TV shows like Bounty Hunter, Julie Reno, etc. He has also made a guest appearance in the nine episodes of “Seven Days” which was a sci-fi series released in the year 1998. He made a guest appearance as the president of United States. Holmes, due to his work commitments, lives in LA (Los Angeles). He is living away from his family. His family lives in Kansas City, Missouri. In the year 2004, Holmes played a role in the movie named “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” In the year 2006, in a Disney’s film named “Air Buddies,” Holmes played the role of the main villain. In the year 2003, he has acted in a film named “Cheaper by the Dozen” which was made in the genre of family comedy. In the year 2001, Holmes played the role of a father of the main character of the film named “Donnie Darko.” The film was made in the genre of science fiction drama, and Holmes played the role of Eddie Darko. Apart from this, Holmes Osborne has also done many supporting roles in the movies like Larry Crowne released in the year 2011 and directed by Tom Hanks. His TV works include Cold Case, House M.D., Dharma and Greg, Rules of Engagement, and much more.  


Hubertus Bengsch

Hubertus Bengsch is a famous actor from Germany. He is known for his acting in Hollywood as well as German films. He was born on the 10th of July, 1952, in the capital of Germany, Berlin. He is the nephew of Alfred Bengsch, the cardinal of Berlin from 1961 to 1979. His childhood was spent studying at the Max Reinhardt School of the same city. Before initializing his career in films, he was a part of numerous plays. These stage dramas were performed by him in various important cities of Germany like Berlin, Salzburg, Hannover, and Bochum. Apart from this, he engaged himself in Television programs and radio broadcasts too. Working as a voice artist, dubbing dialogues in the German language, he has played the voice of Richard Gere, who was the famous Hollywood actor in Pretty Woman. Since he succeeded in doing a good job in Pretty woman, he got the opportunity to do a slew of roles, translating them into the German language for movies like Full House and Mission Impossible. He also did a voice over for TV series, The X- Files. The highest point of his film career was his role in the picture, Das Boot, in 1981, which literally means, ‘The Boat’. It was directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The movie was set during World War II and described the perils aboard a U- Boat or undersea boat. Hubertus Bengsch played the first officer of the U-Boat in the motion picture. He has given his voice in the German version of TV show ‘CSI’, too. He lent his voice to Gil Grissom, a forensic entomologist in the program. Der Landarzt is a much-loved German TV show, in which he was casted. He also worked on advertisements, which required voice dubbing for a shopping mall named Donau in Germany. His sound can also be heard on international phone services in his own country, as well as Austria and Switzerland. He is known for reading books and novels for several events too. He used to read for charities for the sake of children. In A Da Da Da Vida, is a novel which was recited by him in the border town of Aachen. This was in July of 2001. Currently, he is not in any marriage or relationship. He likes to keep his life private and does not open up to the public. He lives in his birthplace and hometown, Berlin, and works with P&P studios.

Hubertus Bengsch English Actor