George O Brien

Other names of George O Brien: George O'Brien
Birthday: 19-04-1899
Date of death: 04-09-1985
Star sign: Taurus

George O’Brien was born on 4th of April, 1899, in California’s San Francisco city, USA.

He was a famous actor in American cinema, who worked both in the silent era as well as the talkie era (the 1930s). He was also a renowned singer of that period.

His mother was Margaret L. O’Brien and father was Daniel J. O’Brien. Daniel was San Francisco city’s Chief of Police.

O’Brien was married to Marguerite Churchill, also an actress, from 1933 to 1948. They had two daughters, Orin and Darcy. Orin was a bass player, and Darcy was a writer and professor.

George shuffled many careers before foraying into the movie business. He was part of the US Navy during the First World War period. He joined the force in 1917 to work as a stretcher bearer to carry wounded Navy soldiers. He was honored for his service to the nation.

After his stint in the Navy, he started his career as a Light Heavyweight boxer of the Pacific Fleet.

George decided to become an actor in the 1920s. He planned to become a cameraman. He started assisting the famous stars of that era, Buck Jones and Tom Mix, as an assistant cameraman.

As far as his acting career was concerned, he first worked as a stuntman in movies. His first movie as a stuntman was Moran of the Lady Letty, in 1922, which was directed by George Melford, and had the famous actor, Rudolph Valentino, in the lead. The very same year, he also did a movie called The Ghost Breaker. He made his movie debut in 1923 in The Ne’er-Do-Well. ‘The Man Who Came Back’, released in 1924, was O’Brien’s first film as a leading hero. In 1924 itself, he featured in two films, The Iron Horse and Shadows of Paris. There was no looking back for George after this.

One of the most memorable performances of George was in the movie, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. The movie was a major blockbuster and went on to win 3 Academy Awards at the first Oscar Awards. With the advent of the talkie age, O’Brien smoothly transformed into a talkie movie actor and achieved great success.

As World War 2 started, he again got into the Navy to serve his country. He was honored for his contribution. Later, he became a part of the Naval Reserve of the US. He finally left the service in 1962.

He did select movies after his retirement from the Navy.

George was bedridden for four years after a stroke struck him in 1981. At the age of 86, he passed away in Oklahoma.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles features George’s name for his contribution to the American cinema.

George Macready English Actor

George Macready

George Peabody Macready, Jr. famously known as George Macready was an actor and the Broadway personality. George Macready was born on August 29, 1899, in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S. He went to The Classical High school, and his graduation is from the Brown University. He did not enter the acting career straight after his studies. He worked at a bank and then he was a newspaperman for a brief time. Then he came into the acting career. Polish stage director suggested George Macready, and inspired him to go to the acting career. He refined his skills and then he appeared first in Broadway called 'The Scarlet Letter' in 1926. Though he went into other forms, he continued in the Broadway till 1958 and did fifteen dramas where he touched both comedy, tragedy. His famous roles appear in Shakespearean plays like Benedict in 'Much Ado About Nothing', 'Macbeth', 'Romeo and Juliet,' etc. He acted twice with some legends in Broadway like Katharine Cornell, Helen Hayes, etc. The scar on his right cheek was because of a car accident in his college days in 1919. This made him appear like a malevolent villain. The can't-hide feature on the face made him stick to the villain roles, mostly in the later years. In the 1940's, he did six movies on an average. He appeared in comedies, tragedies, thrillers, period pieces, western, etc. His roles in The Seventh Cross, Missing Juror, Counter Attack, etc. are remarkable. His role as Ballin Mundson in 'Glida' is one of the movies in which he acted remarkably, and his fans can never forget his performance. George Macready tried his hand in the early days of TV too. He appeared in many anthology series like 'The Ford Television Theatre', 'Four Star Playhouse', etc. Later he made his presence felt in some westerns like The Rough Riders. He was busy with his TV roles in the 1960's. In the film, 'Tora! Tora! Tora! he played the role of United States Secretary of state Cordell Hull, and he made a memorable and professional acting. All in all, he is mostly remembered as a villain rather than a hero. As a person, George Macready is the lover of art. Sometimes he is termed as the connoisseur of art. He, along with his friend opened Los Angeles Art Gallery during World War ll. He married Elizabeth Dana Macready in 1931, and they have three children Michael Macready, Marcia Macready, Elizabeth Macready. His grandson John Macready is an Olympic gymnast. George Macready died because of emphysema in 1973 and donated his corpse to a medical school.


George Reeves

George Reeves was born 5th January, 1914, in the Woolstock city of Iowa, United States of America. He was born with the name, George Keefer Brewer. He is also known by a few other names, including George Bessolo, Steve Reeves, and Sgt. George Reeves. The actor is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He was the son of Don Brewer and Helen Lescher. George never saw his father as his parents separated when he was just a few months old. His mother, Helen, got married to Frank Bessolo, and after 15 years of marriage, divorced him and lied to George that Frank had committed suicide. In 1940, Reeves tied the knot with Ellanora Needles, an actress. The wedding ceremony took place in the Beverly Hills of California’s Our Savior Church. Ellanora was his batch mate in college. However, the couple got divorced in 1950. He was also in a relationship with actress Toni Mannix, but eventually the couple ended their relationship in 1958. George later got engaged to Leonore Lemmon, who was a society playgirl. The couple got married on 19 June, 1958. George is an alumnus of the Pasadena Junior College (now the Pasadena City College) in California. He was a student of acting and was also involved in the college theater society. He debuted in the American film cinema in 1939 with the movie, Gone with the Wind. Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone with the Wind, inspired this film. It was a Selznick International Pictures production and was directed by Victor Fleming. He was casted as a supporting actor and played the role of Stuart Tarleton. His performance in this film was well received. He made short appearances in TV shows like The Clock, Actors Studio, Suspense, Believe It or Not, et al. In 1951, George did the TV series named, Superman and the Mole Men. He played the lead role in the movie. His character’s name was Clark Kent, aka Superman. This performance fetched him widespread popularity. He was honored by DC Comics. On the 50th anniversary of the comic publisher, George was featured in the list, ‘Fifty Who Made DC Great’. He is the director of three episodes of the TV series, Adventure of Superman (1958). On 16th June, 1959, the actor-director was found dead in his bedroom. He shot himself with a gun in the wee hours at around 1:45 am. It was a suicide. Failure in his career is considered to be the reason behind his suicide.

George Reeves English Actor