When actor Wes Bentley was just 21-year-old, he was a dropout from Juilliard School of Drama. He was living in Los Angeles and did not have enough money to eat at Taco Benn. But after his ravishing performance as Ricky Fitts in “American Beauty,” (won the Academy Award for best picture), the actor was riding in popularity and drawing paparazzi. 

Critics labeled him as a star, who had a bright future. After this first break, people used to watch in awe and would keep telling him that he should find a place in next movie soon and make his life much better. This actor wanted fame and popularity but did get nervous at times. “American Beauty” paved way for Mr. Bentley towards many other opportunities.

In 2000, he won a lead role in “The Four Feathers,” but the film did not get a proper response. Meanwhile, his drug use had increased too in his personal life. He said he spent days in drug dens. He would spend nights taking cocaine at clubs and drive around the city alone in search of heroin. Despite his drug addiction, he had stacks of scripts with great offers for him. 

From 2002 to 2009, the actor did not take care about his acting and only did the occasional films for getting money to pay bills to buy drugs. He married Jennifer Quanz, an aspiring actress, in 2001, but due to his drug use, their relationships frayed. In 2008, Mr. Bentley was arrested for heroin possession even. 

Thus, the actor led a very sad state of life but eventually he got interest back in acting. His career graph was growing up in the year. 2010-12. He had signed a maximum number of films between 2010-12 and 2013-15. His most acclaimed performances were for play ’’Venus in Fur’’ at the Classic Stage Company in New York City. In this play, he was cast opposite Nina Arianda. 

In 2012, he was cast in a supporting role in ‘’The Hunger Games’, which was a blockbuster movie. In June 2013, Bentley was appeared in Ryan Murphy's HBO sexuality drama "Open" where he played the role of arrogant lover. He was recently seen in movies like ‘Welcome to Me,' ‘Knight of Cups,' ‘Final Girl’ and ‘ We Are Your Friends Click to look into! >> Read More... We Are Your Friends ’. His latest film "American Horror Story: Hotel’’ had been creating a big sensation and waiting for a release In the month of October 2015 .Bentley was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on September 4, 1978. His father was a minister.

Jonny Weston English Actor

Jonny Weston

Jonny Weston took birth on 1988 in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, is an actor belonging to the dream land of acting, America. Jonny Weston has two elder brothers. His mother is an educational therapist by profession, and his father is the owner of a Christian Radio Station.He has proved her acting skill efficiently in Hollywood. By his marvelous acting, he has won the heart of millions of people.He has completed his education at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. During his graduation at the University, he went to theater class due to his extreme love and passion for acting. He started his career with a featured role in the movie Some Day This Pain Will Be Useful To You. He has got his first chance to prove himself as an actor in the indies movies. He is a sensation and heartthrob of Hollywood. In the year of 2012, this popular guy has made a movie named as Chasing Mavericks, which made him remain the heart of fans. He has established himself as a versatile actor in the industry of acting. He has received many awards for his remarkable performance in the movie Chasing Mavericks. He has also starred in many outstanding movies like John Dies at the end in 2012, Under The Bed in 2012, Sugar in 2013, We are your friends in 2015. Working in the Divergent Sequel has considered as a milestone in his acting career. His critics by the viewers made him most popular among the Hollywood actors. In the Divergent Sequel Insurgent, his acting Was Marvelous and noteworthy. Jonny Weston has received many favorable reviews in his movie Insurgent. He has also worked in some television sitcoms. At this young age, he has received many Prominence and reputation. He has noble Communication skills.


Will Forte

Will Fote was born on 17 June 1970 in Alameda Country in California, US. He was then called Orville Willis Will Forte IV. He is an American comedian, actor, producer, voice actor, and writer. He is known mostly for his movies and his role in Television on Saturday Night Live. He is also a producer and creative head of the program The Last man on Earth. Will Fote was born to Patricia C, a former school teacher, and an artist. Orville Willis Forte III, his father, was a financial Broker. He grew up in Moraga and later went to live in Lafayette in California. He was a very jolly kid. He soon changed his name to Will for Orville was the name of one of his female classmates. He always loved comedy and wanted to become a comedian. His idols were David Lettermen and Steve Martin. He was a huge fan of the comedy series called Saturday Night Live. He loved playing Football and Swimming as well. Will studied at Acalanes High school and was voted the Best Personality there. Will Fote was the class Leader. He continued to study History at The University of California in Los Angeles. After his graduation, he tried his hands at comedy sketch. In the 1990s, he joined the Groundings to pursue his dream. He soon got selected for the Jenny McCarthy Show as a writer. He worked at the Letterman for nine months. He soon got fired and realized that he needed more experience with writing. It was a repulsive life for him, and he was not mentally prepared for it. Eventually, Tom Werner noticed him and was hired for writing to That '70s Show and 3rd Rock From The Sun. In 2001, Lorne Michaels spotted him in his performances. Lorne is the maker of Saturday Night Live, the series Will loved since childhood. His previous shows were doing well. He was offered an audition by Lorne, which was quite an unexpected turn of events for him. He got an offer but was reluctant to take it. His dream finally coming true got him scared that he might lose the financial stability he already had from That '70s Show. However, he realized that would be a mistake, and took the offer. In 2002, he decided to join SNL season 28 as a featured a player and writer. He shifted to New York City to pursue the role. Forte was a shy lad. However, he went on to become the entire part on the show. Will Fote was not able to perform well. He suffered from stage fright, and his sketches were not appreciated. He believed it was his tendency to overthink things that did not let his performance improve. It took him almost five seasons to get comfortable with the show. The situation began to improve when his character MacGruber's sketch released in 2007. Within two years, the sketches were converted into a series of commercials. It got Pepsi's sponsorship and grew even more popular. Lorne Michaels was quite impressed by his success and wanted to produce a MacGruber film with him. Will performed the lead role in MacGruber and co-wrote the film as well in 2010. This flick was a box office failure. The film is a cult classic. Forte has no regrets and considers it a part of his experience and is proud of it. Meanwhile, he acted in Around the World in 80 days, Fanboys, Beerfest and more. After this failure, Will left Saturday Nights Live for certain personal reasons. He wanted to be close to his sister who just had kids. He was soon found regretting his decision and started missing the show. He went on to act in the series 30 Rock and made guest appearances on Comedy series including How I Met Your Mother. All these roles were small, and his career came to a standstill. He appeared in movies including That's My Boy, The Watch and Rock of Ages. Grown Ups 2 was the only successful project he worked on. He also played the male cheerleader cameo in the film. In 2014, he got selected for the Independent Spirit Award and the American Comedy Award for his role in Nebraska. The movie was a comedy-drama where he played a supporting role. He couldn't win these Awards, but his performance got Awarded the National Board of review Award. He discovered that he was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Will's is now working on the FOX show sitcom, where he is a writer, producer, and an Actor. The show is called the Last Man On Earth. It aired in 2015 and bagged him two Emmy nominations. The series did well and is set to return with its second season in 2016. He appeared on Moonbeam City for ten episodes in 2015. His upcoming movies are The Ridiculous 6, Keanu, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping in 2016 and A Futile and Stupid Gesture in 2017. He currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

Will Forte  English Actor