Drew is a well-known actor famous for his role in the movie " Pixels". His first movie was "The Quest for gold". His other works include "Untouchable" where he played an accident victim, "Big Fat Greek Wedding 2". He has worked on television series such as "Web of Lies", "Fear Thy Neighbor", American series Mad Men", "Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case".

Bruce Gray English Actor

Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray is a Canadian actor. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Ricoto Canadian parents. He moved to Toronto with then at the age of 13. He completed his high school from Humberside Collegiate Institute. Apart from being an honours student, he was also an active member of the swim team and the student council. His high school yearbook nominated him as a candidate for “Mr Canada”. He got his Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto, following which, he finally moved to England in 1960. He started his acting career with plays in 1960, however, he swiftly moved into daytime dramas. In the decade of 70’s, High Hopes, Somerset and the Edge of Night were some of his shows. In 80’s, he moved to Hollywood and TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Tour of Duty, Falling Skies, etc. gave him an opportunity to perform a guest role. He is best known to his Canadian fans for the portrayal of Adam Cunningham, an investment banker on the global show Traders. He got recognised worldwide for his performance as the father of the groom in the popular flick My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The soap opera Passions introduced him in the role of Jude J. E. Reilly. The hit television show Medium showed him as the ghost of Joe’s father. He has made recurring appearances on American shows. He has a knack for Science Fiction. He starred in Starship Troopers’ movie version as Sky Marshall Dienes, Babylon 5 as Captain John Sheridan – an interrogator and Star Trek Enterprise as the legendary Vulcan philosopher. Furthermore, he portrayed the part of a Supreme Court Justice – Anthony Kennedy in Recount, a 2008 film. He also made multiple cameos in Star Trek: Deep Spake Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation as Admiral Chekote. The popular cable television show Queer as Folk cast him in a guest-role as a gay millionaire George Schickel. Ernie in Is It Just Me (2010), Dr Lawson in Anatomy of Hope, Justice Anthony Kennedy in Recount (2008), Malcolm McGee in Cake and Earl MacDuff in Live Once, Die Twice (2006) were some of his recent roles. He won presented with a Gemini award for his role in Traders. Gray was also the leader of a fictitious organisation in a print and internet anti-Amsterdam advertising campaign for Amstel beer.