Alan Arkin English Actor
Other Skills

Alan Arkin is a multidimensional personality born on the 26th of March 1934. He is an Academy Award Winning American Actor. But he has conquered not only the field of acting but also Directing, Singing, Comedy and Music. He has his command over various fields of talent. He is considered to be a Perfectionist. He has entertained his audience in the film industry for nearly 60 years now. He was born in Brooklyn New York City. Alan Arkin was passionate about Acting since the age of 10.He used to take lessons and managed to win various scholarships in the school of drama for his undoubted skills. Not only acting but also singing had its root in Alan Arkin. He formed his music group with two of his friends named TARRIERS in which he struck the folk music with vocal chords as well as the guitar chords.

Alan Arkin is an excellent writer too. We get to read his creativity and thoughts in books like THE LEMMING CONDITION, HALFWAY THROUGH THE DOOR, AN ACTOR’S JOURNEY TOWARDS THE SELF AND THE CLEARING. All his books narrate his versatility. Although with much appreciation comes criticism, for his book The Clearing critics stated the editing and printing mistakes and also the story not being so strong to keep the reader indulged for long. Arkin made his directorial debut with a film for children The People Soup, which was a 12-minute film. This film is considered to be one of the shortest films. It is a story about two boys whose mischief leads them into major trouble later. His most popular directorial project was the LITTLE MURDERS in 1971. Not only this, but he has also appeared on televisions as a part or cast of many popular shows. Alan Arkin is a personality that has ruled in every field with ultimate excellence and his magic still continues.