Vance Null is a notable film editor who is of American origin. Vance was born in Phoenix, the state of Arizona in the USA. Vance did his schooling and graduation from Phoenix. Vance migrated to Los Angeles to carve a career in the profession of editing films. In Los Angeles, Vance took up an internship where he learned all the technicalities and minute-details associated with editing movies.

This internship helped him a lot to shape his career in this field and gain a good experience. After working as an intern at a production house, Vance was appointed as an assistant editor. After working on his first film, Vance realized that he was meant to be in this particular profession as he enjoyed this work a lot.

After that, he went ahead to edit more films which gave him the experience to expertise in this field. Vance became familiar with editing and other tools such as color correction, visual effects, designing sound and selection of music. Vance mastered all these things and tried hard to give the best shot possible. Vance has been in this business for several years and in the year 2010, he became a freelance movie editor.

He works as an editor and as a post-production producer in the Camera and Electrical Department. A film editor equally contributes to the making of a movie by taking all the shots and piecing them together in sequence. We all see a film because of the editor only. Vance has worked as a film editor on many films and his first Hollywood film was Jerusalem Countdown, which was released in the year 2011.

Vance then went ahead to edit the movie, Apostle Peter And The Last Supper Click to look into! >> Read More... The Last Supper which revolved around the story of Peter, who was a follower of Jesus Christ and how he tells stories to the guard of the prison about the time he spent with Jesus. Vance is famous for editing films like “The Mark: Redemption”, “God is Not Dead” and its sequel.

Mostly, he has edited religious films, movies which focus on God and its existence. “Last Flight”, “Do You Believe”, “Dancer And The Dame” are other movies which he has worked in. Vance also worked as a production manager of flicks like “Sarah’s Choice”, “ What If Click to look into! >> Read More... What If ”, “Marriage Retreat” and various others. Vance has a thing for traveling and is passionate about listening to other’s stories. Vance keeps moving between South Asia and the USA.