English Post Production Head ( 0 - 3 )

Guneet Dogra


A Post Production Head

A Post Production Head is someone who is accountable for dealings with the production accountant. He/She has to ensure that the formulated budget is manageable and has to communicate between the editor and the producer in order to complete the work on time. He/ She acts as a leader in the production process and supervises the work done by the subordinates.

The formulation of production budget and ensuring whether it is sufficient seems to be one of the key duties of a Post Production Head. Since he is a leader, he stands responsible for all the work done by his entire team.

The most important quality or characteristic that a Post Production Head should possess is patience. He has to ensure the smooth functioning of the Production process as it is one of the main activities. Thus the role of a post production head is vital for the successful completion of the film.