Harcourt Williams English Actor
  • DOB : 30-03-1880
  • Date of death: 13-12-1957
  • Star Sign : Aries

Harcourt Williams was born on 30 March 1880 in London. His father was a merchant. He graduated at grammar school. He married "Jean Sterling" by the year 1908.They had one son. He started his career by joining the touring company in  the year 1897.There he worked for about five years. Later he worked in three different companies among which was the famous "Ellen Terry" where he joined by 1903.By 1906, he made his first debut with "H.B Irving". After that, he joined with an American company. One of his best  work was with Abraham Lincoln in the year 1919.He then switched to the "Chronicles" production. He starred in a drama named "Oliver Cromwell". By the year 1923, he began his new career in  direction for G K Chesterton's play named "Everyman Theatre." In 1929, he joined as a director to Lillian Baylis for his theatre company. Within the next four years he had directed up to 50 films and also acted in about several shows. He expanded his theatre company. His biography was written by "Jonathan Croall" which says that

“William was a sweet, trusting, gentle person. He was a great producer who could deliver the Shakespeare imagination with his production.”

After that, he left the company. After that, he went  to act for some films on the request of a call from his successors. On the whole, he had played nearly thirty short films and several television shows. He had celebrated his golden jubilee for acting. He had died in London due to illness at the age of 77.His acting began by the year 1944 named "Henry V". He had acted in several shows after that.