David Cronenberg is a Canadian director, actor who was born in Toronto, Canada on 5th March 1943. David was from a middle-class Jewish family. His mother, Esther was a musician and his father, Milton Cronenberg was a writer. In 1967, he graduated from Toronto University as the Topper of his batch. While he was in college, he developed interest towards filmmaking by one of his classmate. He made two 16mm films. He formed the Toronto Film Co-operative along with Iain Ewing and the Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.

He is popularly known for the origination of body horror genre movies. David movies followed a definite pattern. At first, the protagonist is moved to his personal life from the social life he had been living. Then there is the role played by the scientists when they try to change the anatomy of humans by his experiments and later those scientists themselves get altered by their experiment. David has created world-class horror movies, and he has created a different genre for such pictures. David debut movie Stereo was a perfect setup for the movies he directed in the future. In the film, a group of volunteers is provided with telepathic abilities to stimulate sexual relation between them, but they fail to control over the abilities which ultimately alters their original personality and leads to undesirable outcomes involving suicides.

David’s Shivers was another step to his perfection in his field instead of body horror it portrayed an unusual way of using parasites for transplants. As the story continues Hobbes, the one who conducted the experiments kills his wife and then unable to take the trauma kills himself by committing suicide. The parasite injected in the body creates uncontrollable sexual desires and as the story continues we find one of Emil’s sexual partners falls ill and then the parasite escapes from the body and enter a building and strike the people there. The movie received positive reviews and did well at the theaters. David has been great on directing such terrifying films one of those include 1977, Canadian-American horror movie, Rabid is also one of his great creation.

He recently printed his first novel ”Consumed” in 2014 and also released “The Nest” a short film on YouTube receiving positive reviews from the viewers. He ended his seven-year marriage with Margaret Hindson in 1979 with whom he had a daughter, Cassandra. Presently, David has a daughter, Caitlin and a son, Brandon with Caroline Zeifman. He has been a renowned director even Martin Scorsese confessed he was fascinated by David’s work but was afraid to meet him because of the same. He has blessed with many awards and nominations and has been over many world class directors including Spielberg, James Cameron, etc.

David Dobkin

David Dobkin is an American movie producer, director, and also a screenwriter. His most notable work was in the movies Clay Pigeons, Wedding Crashers, The Judge, The Change-Up and Shanghai Knights. Dobkin was born on June 23, 1969, in the state of Washington, DC. He completed his high school education from Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda. After completing his schooling, Dobkin earned a degree in Fine Arts from New York University. Doblin directed his first movie for Scott Free named Clay Pigeons. The film was produced by Tony Scott and Ridley’s Production Company. The movie was a black comedy movie focusing on a series of murders conducted in a small town. The movie was starring Janeane Garofalo, Joaquin Phoenix, and Vince Vaughn. The movie was distributed by a famous company named Gramercy Pictures. After the success of Clay Pigeon, Dobkin directed his first comedy movie named Shanghai Knights. Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan appeared in the lead role, and the movie was a great hit worldwide. Dobkin had also directed many commercials for many companies like Sony PlayStation, Coke, Coors Light, Carl’s Jr. and much more. He even received honourable mention in the SHOOT magazine for his commercials. Dobkin directed his first film in the year 1992. The name of the movie was 52nd Street Serenade. The movie barely received any recognition. After that, in the year 1995, Dobkin directed an episode named Freudian Ship in the TV serial named Love Street in the year 1995. He debut as a Screenwriter in the year 1995, when he first the screenplay of the movie Ice Cream Man. His most successful movie of all time was Shanghai Knights. The movie was American-British Comedian movie written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. After Shanghai Knights, he directed his second most successful movie of all times named Wedding Crashers. Wedding Crashers was also a Comedy movie, starring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Christopher Walken. The movie made some good money at the Box Office and was also nominated for five MTV Movie Awards title including the Best Movie title. Dobkin debuted as a director in the year 2007. He produced his first movie named Mr.Woodcock. In the year 2007, he produced and directed the movie, Fred Claus. The movie was again a Comedy movie made under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures The movie received a lot of criticism from the critics and the viewers. After that, he directed many movies namely Jack the Giant Slayer, The Judge, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Vacation and much more. He recently directed a music video for a famous American band, Maroon5. Dobkin is married to a former television executive and the daughter of Jay Wolpert, Megan Wolpert.

David Dobkin English Actor