Birthday: 19-05-1986
Age: 33
Star sign: Gemini

Eric Lloyd originally known as David Eric Lloyd Morelli was born on May 19, 1986, in Glendale, California, U.S.A. Eric Lloyd is famous for his work as a child artist. He has worked in several films as a child artist and is often known as “the kid from the Santa Clause.” Mainly, Eric’s occupation was acting, besides he is also a comedian, a musician, and a producer. After his childhood days in the sets of his movies, Eric completed his graduation in Film and Media Arts from the Chapman University Dodge College, and soon after that, he made a comeback in the industry.

He worked as a child artist playing the role of Tim Allen’s son Charlie in The Santa Clause Trilogy for of twelve years (1994-2006). Besides the blockbuster, he played the role of the son of several Hollywood superstars such as the son of Jason Alexander in Dunston Checks In (1995), Woody Allen’s child in Deconstructing Harry (1997) and Christina Applegate had been his mother in the NBC Sitcom Jesse (1998-2000). Besides being the son of a star, he even portrayed the younger versions of the stars like Robert Downy Jr. in Heart and Souls (1993) and Fred Savage in The Wonder Years (1988-1992).

Eric made his acting debut when he was just 18 months old, in a Unisys Computer ad-film, and then with his elder sister, Emily Ann Lloyd in Huntington Bank ad-film. In his debut feature film, Heart, and souls, he brought his audience to tears, playing the role of the younger version of Robert Downy Jr. when he was just five years of age. In 1993, Eric co-starred alongside Kirk Douglas and Michael J. Fox in Greedy, Jonathan Lynn’s feature film. Later in the same year, he was cast as Carol Burnett’s grandson by Lee Grant, in the TV movie, The Seasons of the Heart, which had been followed by two more TV series, A Family Torn Apart and In the Best of Families, respectively. Eric did two cameos as the young George Clooney in Batman and Robin, and as young Billy Crystal in My Giant.

In 1996, Dream Works SKG (Dream Works Interactive) developed their second game, Goosebumps…Escape from Horror land, which was filmed by Eric. Next, he worked on animation and tried to contribute his voice as a voice artist, and successful dubbed the characters Neddie in the Warner Brothers’ series Little Wizards and Blankey in The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, and The Brave Little Toaster Goes to School for Disney. Eric played the role of young Truman Capote in A Christmas Memory, a Hallmark television movie, in 1997. Eric also contributed in a science fiction movie, Chameleon, which was shot in Australia, along with Bobby Philips, for UPN. Later as his high school days approached, Eric began to part away from acting and gave way to his education.

During this period, he appeared twice on the screens in a guest appearance opposite Noah Wylie on the show ER in 2001, and to play the role of Charlie once again in Santa Clause sequel in 2002. In his high school days, Eric enrolled himself in a production class, in which later he had become the head editor and producer. Eric managed the school bulletins. Eric also started taking guitar lessons when he got his first guitar. A year later he even bought a drum set and got exposed to an array of music, he gathered a team of boys and formed his band.

Eric formed a company named Crate Recording Company and recorded his band’s first composition, produced the recordings, engineered it applying his skills and sent one hundred copies of the recording to the local shops. He continues to write and play his compositions and is setting himself for a comeback on the silver screen. Eric obtained the Young Artist Award for his performance in a TV comedy series for playing the young actor in Jesse, in 1999. He has also achieved several nominations for his acting.

Skylar Gaertner English Actor

Skylar Gaertner

Skylar Gaertner is a famous child actor with a height of 4 feet 8 inches. He weighs 75 lbs, with an athletic physique and Caucasian ethnicity. He takes part in various athletic activities like swimming, baseball and soccer. His acting in ‘Daredevil’, was appreciated by many star actors. He may be the lead actor in an upcoming movie. Well known for his act of Young Matt Murdock in the ‘Daredevil’, Gaertner started his career at the age of just 4. Skylar Gaertner first appeared in a TV series, Lipstick Jungle, in 2008, as Sam. That same year, he acted in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as Anthony. In 2011, Gaertner acted as Emmett Drake in a TV series. He also acted in the TV series, Team Umizoomi, in 2011. Finally, he got a chance for the movie, Locke & Key, as Bode, in 2011. In 2012, he acted in a TV series called Person of Interest, as Danny Cahill. Gaertner also acted in the TV series, Nurse Jackie, in 2013, as Jake. In 2014, he acted in a TV series called The Americans, as Doug Tanner, and in this year he also got a chance to act in movies. In the movie, Alex of Venice, he acted as Dakota, and in the movie, Every Secret Thing, he acted as Jimmy, in 2014. He continuously got chances to act. In 2015, he got a chance to act in the movie, Sleeping With Other People, as Oliver, and in the movie, I Smile Back, as Eli Brooks. In that same year, 2015, he acted in a TV series called ‘Daredevil’, as young Matt, which was very nicely acted. Recently, in 2016, he finished shooting for The Ticket, which is directed by Ido Fluk.


Guillermo Estrella

Guillermo Estrella is a Spanish Actor. He was born on the day of Christmas, which is December 25, in the year 2001. He is a native of a town called Retiro which is situated in the Madrid, the state with the football fame in Spain. His mother Paz Estrella Mora has also always been connected with the film industry in one way or the other. Guillermo’s name is inspired from the famous Filipino sculptor of the same name. Guillermo wanted to be in movies since he was three to four years old and has become a successful and world renowned actor at a young age of 11. He is known for movies like Dear Child Jesus, La Soga and Biutiful. However, most of his flicks are in Spanish and hence, they don’t reach international cinema worldwide. He is waiting for the right opportunity in Hollywood and English Cinema to become an international star. Along with his hectic professional life, Guillermo tries to maintain a low-key personal life. He continues with his education by homeschooling and is working hard to catch up with the regular school kids. Guillermo Estrella has had the opportunity, at a very young age, to work with legendary filmmakers of the stature of the great Gonzalez Inarritu and with International actors like Joaquim de Almeida. Guillermo has worked with the former in the film Biutiful where he portrayed the character of the son of Javier Bardem. He worked with the latter in Three-60 along with Geraldine Chaplin. Apart from movies, he has also starred in TV series like Father. His Spanish feature film The Dagger of Rasputin was a blockbuster in Spain. Furthermore, he has participated in shows like, Tell Me How it Happened, Aida and The Boat. Guillermo’s portrayal of Manu in the famous series Chiringuiyo Pepe which is broadcast on Telecinco got him a lot of recognition. Even at such a young age, Guillermo has managed to land some very prestigious awards. He has won a total of 42 awards and a tonne of other nominations. He received the Best Leading Actor Award at the Winter Shorts Film Festival (USA), Cinema Image et Vie and Angry film Festival (Australia). Biutiful received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film as well as Best Leading Actor. Moreover, Film Festivals of Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Senegal also awarded him for his outstanding performance as a young lead for several roles he has wonderfully portrayed.

Guillermo Estrella English Actor