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Hiroshi Sasagawa

Other names of Hiroshi Sasagawa: Sasakawa

Hiroshi Sasagawa known as a Sasakawa, is a creator, screenwriter and animator for several graphics novel and animation series.He also produced, and directed cartoon series in Japan. He was born on 9 July 1936 in Aizuwakamatsu, Japan. He has directed and animated for several science fictions and fantasy genre, mostly with Tatsunoko Production. He was popular in creating the TV series Time Bokan in 1975. His films and TV series credits included Speed Ace, Speed Racer, The genie Family, Dokachin The Primitive Boy, The Funny Judo Champion, Hyppo and Thomas, The Song Click to look into! >> Read More... of Tentomushi, Demetan Croaker, The Boy Frog, Tekkaman: The Space Knight, Yatterman, Rescueman,

Zenderman, Yattodetaman, Beast King Go-Lion, Tokimeki Tonight, Gyakuten! Ippatsuman, Ox-Tales, Wowser, Dokkan! Robotendon. Sasagawa joined Tatsunoko Company in 1965 and soon produced and directed his first TV series, Space Ace in 1965. Sasawaga produced and animated fifty-plus TV series and films. In 1982, he left Tatsunoko Production Company to join the Shin Ei Doga Studio as a chief director. Space Ace is an animated science fiction cartoon series writer by Tatsuo Yoshida and broadcasted on Fuji TV from 9 May 1965 in Japan. Hiroshi Sasagawa directed the series and starring Sumiko Shirakawa, Lemasa Kahjmi Kenji Utsumi.

Fred Ladd, the producer of both Astro Boy Astro Boy 2003 is a Japanese animated television s >> Read More... , Kimba and Gigantor, said that we dubbed only the pilot of Space Ace. As the popularity of Astro Boy and Space Ace looked like market profit, the one or two episodes of each series dubbed. Neither the series picked up in the United States, the series dubbed for the overseas countries, including Australia. Fred Ladd said that after Space Ace's ring and also the popularity of The Beatles at that time, he decided to start a new series Ring-O, and Fred Ladd dubbed the pilot episodes. Ladd knew that it would difficult to sail the episodes of Space Ace in its BW format because of the United States swing towards color programming.

Still, he also wanted to see the popularity of the program with the young generation through its story. Then the entire first episode telecast in color, Mushi Productions had a stronghold on, happily gave them a color version. Space Ace is also translated into the Spanish language under the title ‘El As Del Espacio.’ It was rated by seven out of ten, and seventy-six percent of Google users liked the series. Sasawaga also famous for the TV series Time Bokan, a Japanese animated cartoon series broadcasted on 4 October 1875. A new adaption of the series ran from October 2016 to March 2017 with the title Time Bokan 24. The series directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and produced by Tatsuo Yoshida. Doctor Kieda created three-time Bokan machines at the beginning, and each machine designed as a particular kind of insect.

The time machine includes features like a weapon, wings which will open just like the insect, A defensive missile, A small red dome on its back, A small submarine and remote control for control all the system. The time machine also can travel in many dimensions. Several of the episodes were dubbed by the Jim Terry Production under the name Time fighters in 1984. The story also shows the fight between The Heroes and the Villains. It was rated by seven out of ten, and seventy-six percent of Google users liked the series.In In 1997, Hiroshi directed his last TV series named Speed Racer X,

known as Mach Go Go Go in Japan, A remake of the series Speed Racer of 1967, written by Masaaki Samurai. The series ran for Thirty-Four episodes successfully. Video also launched by Tony Corporation in Japan foot the game boy. His Voice cast includes Kazusa Murai, Motoko Kumai, Minoru Inaba, Yoko Somi. Another English Adaption of Speed Racer X, produced by DIC Entertainment Corporation, broadcasted in the United States. The series got a Blu-ray release on 21 April 2017. Fumination launched the series under the title Mach Go Go Go: Restart.


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