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Nikki Rae Hallow, also known as Nikki Hulowski, is a performer of Canadian origin who has ventured into acting, comedy, voice acting, writing, improvisation, and stunts. She attended the University of Alberta, where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting with Distinction. Nikki's acting and comedy career has been successful, and she co-founded Marv n' Berry, a Canadian sketch comedy group that has achieved global recognition. Additionally, Nikki is a core cast member of the Lodestar Theatre, an improviser and cast member with Rapid Fire Theatre, and an actress in DieNasty: The Improvised Soap Opera. She has worked with numerous distinguished performers and comedy groups such as Kevin MacDonald from Upright Citizens Brigade, Kids in the Hall,

Whose Line is It Anyway?, and Second City Alumni. Despite her success, Nikki remains grounded, and she spends time working as a machinist in Northern Alberta. She is a certified Intermediate Actor Combatant with Fight Directors Canada. Among her notable works, she has to her credit - Heartland, High School, Jann, Extremity, Mythforce, Range Roads, And The Oscar Goes To..., and Caution: May Contain Nuts. Furthermore, Nikki's stage plays include Hot Mess The Birthday Party, Richard III, After Miss Julie, A Beautiful View, Pompeii: LA, and, Julius Caesar, to name a few.

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Nikki Rae Hallow is an actor, voiceover artist, and writer. She was born on June 8, 1990, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Her father was a tradesman, and her mother was a child tutor. She is the only sister to her three older brothers. Nikki was interested in acting and decided to become an actor since she was a kid. She also did theater when she was in school. To pursue her passion, she went to the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting programme. After her graduation, she started working as an actor and a voiceover artist. She worked in several films and TV series, including High School, Range Roads, The Oskar Goes To, etc.