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Debraj Naiya, a Director, Producer, and Cinematographer, was born on 21 November 1989 in Maipith Coastal, Sundarban. He completed his preliminary education at Debnagar Mokshoda Dinda Higher Secondary School, Sunderban and moved to Kolkata in 2008 to pursue higher education at Calcutta University. He also works as a primary school teacher in Kolkata. He is known for his work as a Producer, Writer, and Director in the short films Ardhonarishwar (2016), Voice of Silence (2018), and Beejankur (Seedlings). He was also the Art Director, Production Designer, and Editor of the short film Beejankur (Seelings).

He worked on the costume, art, story script and Publicity Design for Voice of Silence (2018). He worked on the light work and voiceover for Ardhonarishwar (2016). He was also the Associate Director of Dmajor (2016). He received many honours and awards for his works, which include the Festival Special Mention Award at the 7th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2017 held in Delhi, 1st Runner-Up Award at the Ranaghat Art Festival 2017, the winner of Motionflicks Short Film Festival 2017 in Kolkata, the Best Actor Award at GCECTFF 2018 in Kolkata, the Best Director and the Best Sound Award at BIOSCOPE 2018 in Kolkata for the short film Ardhonarishwar (2016).

He won the Best Film Award at Filmotsav 2018 in Chinsurah, Hugli, and at GCECTFF 2018 in Kolkata, the Best Director Award at BIOSCOPE 2018, the 2nd Best Film and the Best Sound Award at the 4th Sutanuti Short and Documentary Film Festival 2018 in Kolkata, and the Best Script Award at the 16th International Film Festival (Serbia) 2018 for the short film Voice of Silence (2018). He also uploads his works on the YouTube channel known as Debraj Naiya. He has an Instagram and Facebook page by the same name. He is the Founder and Owner of Old Odd Optik (2023), a vintage cinema lens company. It also offers Cinematography and Visual Design services. Some of his works as a Cinematographer include A Ride in the Rain film and Everlight.


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