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Indresh Malik Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 13 April 1985

Age Now 39

Indresh Malik - (TV-Actor)

Geetha Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 13 April 1962

Age Now 62

Geetha - (Movie Actress)

Khushboo Kamal Hindi Supporting Actress
Born: 13 April 1987

Age Now 37

Khushboo Kamal - (Supporting Actress)

Siddharth Arora Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 13 April 1988

Age Now 36

Siddharth Arora - (TV-Actor)

Nabeel Qureshi Hindi Author
Born: 13 April 1983

Lived For 33 Years

Nabeel Qureshi - (Author)

Satish Kaushik Hindi Director
Born: 13 April 1956

Lived For 66 Years

Satish Kaushik - (Director)

Aakarshan Singh Hindi TV-Actor
Born: 13 April 1993

Age Now 31

Aakarshan Singh - (TV-Actor)

Dinesh Hingoo Hindi Movie Actor
Born: 13 April 1940

Age Now 84

Dinesh Hingoo - (Movie Actor)


Co- Producers, The Strategic Thinkers Who Create The Movie

Co-producers are directly responsible to the producer of the film. They work on planning and preparing the budget for the film. They assign budgets to different departments of the film. They recruit and manage various department heads and artists. Usually co-producers are from the production company and they manage all the expenses under the control of the producers. They also help the creative department by assisting the casting and setting the proper locations for the scenes.

Co-producers should be highly organized and should have a strategic plan to meet all the downfalls and resolve problems logically. They also have a legal responsibility where they have to ensure the health and safety of the crew. Co-producers start working right after a movie is decided to be made. They choose or hire the desired artists; they check location, create a deadline after meeting with the director and also have a damage control planning. Co-producer should be good negotiators and should motivate the people working on the movie. They should have a good understanding of finance and have a good contact in the industry. For this highly demanding job they should be able to identify the risks and control any major outfalls during the film. In the post production process they manage the promotions and distribution of the film.