Cinematographer (0 - 12)


How Does Cinematographer's Dominate The Scene?

A cinematographer who is also known as the director of photography is the one who takes in charge for making artistic and creative decisions related to the visuals of a movie. The word cinematography comes from the word ‘kinema’ which means movement and ‘graph’ which means writing. They play a huge role in the filming of a movie since they are responsible for the camera and lighting departments. Several vital decisions are taken by the cinematographer such as the look, the feel, the colors, the essence, etc. A lot of pre-work has to be done.

This includes reading the script, imagining the scene, creating visual imagery, elaborating lighting setup, How, etc. These are essential as these elements evoke and elicit emotions and enhance the plot as a whole. By the means of the camera, light and other such devices, a cinematographer tries to convey a characters dream, hope, emotions, etc. During the silent movie era, cinematography played a pivotal role since there was no background sound as well as no dialogues, and so the only way to hook and grasp the attention of the viewers was the visual effects. Even today, each film brings creative and unexpected ideas that are beyond your imagination.