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Koneenica Banerjee is a Bengali actress whose initial appearances were on Indian Television soap operas. After her debut appearance in TV serial (‘’Swapnanil’’ in Zee Bangla) , she got her break in film Tin Ekke Tin(2004). She made several more television appearances and even acted in television films too. 

As an aspiring actress in Tollywood, she loves to hear any R.D Burman’s number or even Gulzar’s song. She can cook fish curry and even devotes her time for pranayam (Yoga) every morning. As a budding actress (early 2000), she even did a lot of auditions in Mumbai, but could not get any meaningful roles. Her experiences in Mumbai has been very harrowing; she had to stand in long queues all through the day and then people handling the audition had rejected all the girls like her. In fact, as the days had moved, she realized that when new filmmakers or even TV serial producers who were looking for new face, acting prowess was the last thing in their mind. She then made her mind clear and moved to Bengali cinema where she belonged to. Before trying her luck in Mumbai, she had appeared in a couple of Bengali films like ‘Kapurush O Mahapurush’ and ‘Ganesh Talkies’. 

In 2009, she even did ‘Item number’ for film "Hello Memshaheb’’ and surprised the cine goers. This 35-year-old actress was seen in a couple of TV films such ‘Maanbhanjan’, ‘Tomar Patho Cheye’, ‘Aasma’ and ‘Notun Gaan’. She acted in a couple of TV serials too. She received the Anandalok Puroshkar of Critics Choice for Abar Ashibo Phire and even entered as a contestant in popular reality show Big Boss (Bengali) that was hosted by Mithun Chakraborty When we talk about the few legends in the Indian f >> Read More... in ETV Bangla. Currently, she is busy shooting for film ‘’ Cholochitro Circus’’ in Sri Lanka .She will be seen also in forthcoming films like ‘Mon Churi’ and ‘Shororipu’ which will be released soon. Koneenica’s hard work and small-screen stardom finally had translated to her big-screen success in the latter half of 2000s.


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