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Bengali Movie Actress Locket Chatterjee
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Locket Chatterjee is a Tollywood actress known for films like Le Halua Le, Angurlata, Chora bali, Goraay Gondogol etc. She is also a traditional Kathak dancer who completed her training in South Indian and Eastern folklores. She stayed on the northern fringes of Kolkata and was born in a family of priests. However, her mother persuaded Locket and her siblings to pursue arts at University of Calcutta. Locket took up dance classes and joined the Ananda Shankar Ananda Shankar is an Indian musician, singer, and >> Read More... dance academy when she was in school.

At 16, Locket got married and it was only after 2000 when she embarked on her journey into the film and television industry. Although having brought up in an conservative family of priests (purohits in Bengali), Locket said in an interview that she didn’t mind doing intimate scenes if the script wanted it.

Locket is said to have been indulged in a relationship outside marriage However, she sorted out the matter soon and retraced back to normalcy. Still she does not take any moral stand against extra marital affairs. However, she feels that one should not hurt the feelings of his/her spouse even if he/she has feelings for those other than his/her spouse. Well,on this bold and optimistic note we would like to wish this dazzling lady all the best for her future endeavours.


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