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Bodhuboron Bengali TV SERIALS on Star Jalsha
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Bodhuboron was a Bengali-language television show aired on Star Jalsha from 19 August 2013 and is telecasted from Monday to Sunday at 6pm IST. The leading characters of this series are Gourab Chatterjee Gourab Chatterjee is a Bengali television serial a >> Read More... and Pramita Chakraborty Pramita Chakraborty is a well-known actress in the >> Read More... . This show is the remake of the show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya which is the most popular Hindi serial which was aired on star plus. The story revolves around a simple, pure parent-less village girl named Konok. She lived with her aunt and cousin, where she does all the household work but then to, her aunt Sikha and her cousin Jhilmil do not like her and cannot tolerate her and trouble her daily in some or the other way. She is illiterate but wants to study, but her aunt and cousin did not let her study. One day Indira Chowdhury comes to their home with the proposal of Satyaki, her son’s marriage from Jhilmil. Satyaki was already having an affair with Teesta. But instead of Jhilmil, Indira likes Konok and decides to make her daughter-in-law, going against her son.

Later, both Konok and Jhilmil are married in the same family. Konik is married to Satyaki, and Jhilmil is married to Avro (Satyaki'scousin). Jhilmil is a greedy girl. As she failed to become the elder daughter-in-law of the Chowdhury mansion, she is jealous of Konok because being the younger daughter-in-law deprives her of inheriting the property of the Chowdhury family. She, with the help of her mother (Sikha), creates evil plans to destroy Konok. Konik used to face many obstacles because of them as they were trying to kill her. Inspite of many problems on her shoulder, Konok manages to complete all of her duties & wins the heart of all other family members. Later, Satyaki tries to come out from his past, and started having feelings for Konok, and accepts her as his wife. In all the difficulties, Indira supports her as her daughter, making an intrinsic bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After Teesta’s brother got expired, Teesta took this as a great chance to return in Chowdhary mansion.

She pretended to be mentally ill so that she could get back into the life of Satyaki and make Konok’s life hell. Konik, by seeing the unwell condition of Teesta, bought her in the Chowdhary mansion going against everyone's decision. Teesta now creates many hurdles in Konok’s life to throw her out of the house and to bring back Satyaki again in her life. This show ends up with Jhilmil’s death, where Avro gets married to another girl who looks after his and Jhilmil’s twin daughter. Konik gets pregnant and has delivered a baby boy. The last scene was packed up by showing that year later, Konok’s son is married, and he is returning home and konak welcomes them. Pramita Chakraborty plays the role of Kanak Chowdhury. She is the wife of Satyaki. Gourab Chatterjee plays the role of Satyaki Chowdhury. Suman Dey Suman Dey is an Indian Bengali actor. He was born >> Read More... plays the role of Abhra Chowdhury. 

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