Assistant Director (0 - 12)


Assistant Director Should Be Crisis Solver

Assistant directors are also popularly known as AD’s. They work directly with the director of the movie and assist in preparing and coordinating on the set, schedule and script. Assistant directors will have primary Assistant Director, Secondary Assistant Director and so on. These members belong to the AD team who will help the Assistant director by doing various jobs. The director of the film is solely dependent on the assistant director to get all the production process done and they concentrate exclusively on the creativity of the film leaving the other work to the AD.

Assistant directors work with the director to create the storyboard and plan the order and schedule for shooting various scenes. They assist the hiring and recruiting the cast and crew manage the safety and health of the cast and crew. Working hours of AD could be long and pressurizing. They may or may not get any holidays and should work continuously. No academic education is required but a practical experience is necessary. They can start their career by doing small work on the set and then rise up to Second or First AD. And the Assistant Director should be flexible and should be good crisis manager.