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Many new faces daily enter the industry and try to kick start their career from television. Manish Bishla is one of them. Mumbai is the hometown of Manish, and like every second Mumbaikar, he wanted to become an actor. During his three years of college, he worked on his looks and started modeling. He did numerous modeling assignments before being noticed by a director of a television show. In this way, he got his first daily soap, Sur Sandhya The serial was broadcasted on Star Plus. It had to >> Read More... . Sur Sandhya failed to gain high TRP’s but helped Manish to portray himself in the eyes of viewers. His debut was not a dream debut but helped him to attract many more interesting scripts and characters.

After Sur Sandhya had gone off air, he worked in shows of leading channels including Life OK, Sony, and Colors. He worked in many serials like Shivam, Kailasa Nathan Kailasanadhan is a devotional serial that depicts >> Read More... , and Hara Hara Mahadev. But he got recognition with his roles in daily soaps like Devon ka Dev Mahadev, and Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is the mythological >> Read More... . He got a lot of praise and awards for performing these characters. He still working in Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman. Side by side, he is continuing his modeling assignments and can be seen walking the ramp for famous designers. With his regular television appearances and modeling, he has become a new talk of the town and heartthrob for many women.

His 6 feet height adds to his personality. He is currently working on two other characters. He is playing the role of Mirza Kasim in the show Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar is a very popular epic historical tele >> Read More... that airs on Zee TV. Also, he plays a very out of the box character in Singhasan Battisi Singhasan Battisi is a Hindi TV serial which was a >> Read More... that airs on Sonly Pal. The name of his character is Hayvadan. Hayvadan is a half horse and half man. He is the ruler of Ashwalok. He steals all the four Vedas to acquire knowledge. When all the Gods come to know that the Vedas are missing and are in Prithvi Lok, they will send Raja Bhoj to bring it from King of Ashwalok. Then there would be series of wars between Hayvadan and Raja Bhoj. It’s a new and appealing concept on Indian television. Siddharth Arora Siddharth Arora is the face of Indian Television. >> Read More... plays the role of Raja Bhoj. Manish himself is quite excited about his role and said that the role was quite challenging and required a lot of strength to perform fight sequences. He is currently focusing on portraying Hayvadan with full dedication.


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Age Now 34

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