The Indian television actress Chester Mehta, who has grown celebrity in Sony Tv's serial named Chhanchhan. Chester has performed some shows like the Chhanchhan, the Baawre and is currently seen in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev. About her personal life full name is. Chester Mehta, height is approximately 5'6". Occupation is only acting or playing as an Actress. Currently she is playing in the Singhasan Battisi.

The Indian actress Chester has played for a named Raja Bhoj's wife Vallari on Sony Pal. She is essaying the Ideal of Raja Bhoj who is a self-assured and a keen lady who would have the ability of possession the people in her territory happy even in the lack of the King Bhoj. The lady would be well-furnished in horse riding and fighting and has the abilities of a fighter.

The Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev is a theater series based on the legends of Shiva or the other name known as Mahadevin Life OK Channel. Cheshta Mehta has seen in the role of Prithvi Devi.

In the Chhanchhan, the TV series of Indian family drama which declared on Sony Entertainment Television, India. Chestha played the role for Rushali Sarabhai in the show.