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It is not uncommon for those whose maiden acting venture happened to be a bio-pic, to have their names invariably associated with that movie for quite some time to come. So has been the case with the up and coming hero of Bollywood, Darshan Kumar, who debuted in the 2013 film “ Mary Kom Click to look into! >> Read More... ” on the life and times of the most famous Indian female pugilist. Funnily, “Mary Kom” was not actually Darshan’s first film – it was the first to be released, but it quite undeniably altered the image of Darshan as the screen “husband” of Mary Kom, based on his role in the film. 
Although a Delhi lad, he shifted base to Mumbai when he was 24, in his passion for theatre. Starting with the city’s Sahej Theater group, he signed up with Motley Productions after 5 years, and this was the most useful period of his theatre career, getting the opportunity of working and picking up the finer points of acting from none other than Nasiruddin Shah, over the next 10 years. This extended stint in honing up his acting skills ultimately bore fruit when he was picked up for Anushka Sharma’s production unit’s maiden venture “ NH 10 The film begins when the couple Arjun (Neil Bhoopa >> Read More... ”, to be paired opposite the actress herself as the lead actor. 
Reminiscing on his two contrasting roles opposite two of the leading ladies of Bollywood, Darshan Kumar feels himself to be indeed lucky t be so privileged in his very first two films. That Darshan is very serious about his acting is obvious from the amount of time and effort he puts in for his roles. For the character of Onler Karong Kom, Mary Kom’s husband, Darshan Kumar literally starved it out, losing 12 kgs before the shooting commenced to look convincing for the part of the lean and gaunt looking Onler. For “NH 10” on the other hand, Darshan had to look the tough macho guy, playing a role with shades of negativity about it. 
While on the topic of his looks, Darshan is supposed to resemble the American Golden Globe Award winning actor John Christopher " Johnny Click to look into! >> Read More... " Depp” who was a teen idol in the 80s in USA. However, the serious actor that he is, Darshan would love to emulate Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... not only in looks but also as an actor of a high calibre. In keeping with the 2 roles he has already played, none of which were of the romantic hero types, he would like to build up his career more as a class actor rather than as a glamorous hero. With the obvious histrionic talent he has acquired through long years in theatre, this ambition of his does not seem misplaced.


Born: 27 February 1992

Age Now 32

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