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Panam Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv
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Money has become the axis of every man’s life. Panam series portrays the role of money in the disruption of peace and happiness in a person’s life and the difficulties faced by people to earn the money. The story revolves around the families of Kandhasamy and Rathnavelu. Both of them are friends from childhood who have grown closer even after their children have turned adults. Though they live away from each other they have a ritual of meeting once a month to share about their life with each other. They find immense happiness in the meeting. Kandhasamy is a father of three and has a loving wife. He leads his life as a respectable government employee and the head of the family. He is responsible and never compromise with the wellness of his family. But every saint has a skeleton in his closet and Kandhasamy has his – an affair with a woman which no one knows. Rathnavelu is a popular businessman who owns a travel agency. He is wealthy. He has three daughters of whom the eldest marries an evil minded Ramki who is selfish and problematic. Rathnavelu’s brother takes up the agency responsibility which creates animosity between him and Ramki. Thus both the families meet many hurdles in their own way and this series tells about their intertwined life. Directed by Cheyyar Ravi Cheyyar Ravi, born in 1962 in Vadamanapakkam Villa >> Read More... , this series cast senior Actors like Rajesh, Bala singh and also Sanjeev, Vazir, ' Idhayam Idhayam was a daily television series that was tel >> Read More... ' Ravi,, Mouli Sunder, Ramesh,Jhansi, Sridevi, Sri Latha,Sri Lekha and Neelima in important characters.


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