Aarya Vora, formerly known as Trupti Vora, started her career as a model in Ahmedabad. She is a commerce graduate from HL College and has been pursuing this aforementioned career for the past couple of years. There was a time when she could see herself on multiple billboards on connecting roads. She starred in My Friend Ganesha, as a lead role. Before the movie, she worked in multiple Gujarati productions, some of which were successful and moved ahead with about 200-400 episodes.

Aarya is also a classical dancer and an alankar in bharatanatyam. She trained under Smita Shastri during her undergraduate and while she pursued her post-graduation, she trained under Mallika Sarabhai. She believes this is when Sarabhai noticed her and offered her the television show, Agan Panki. Aarya Vora signed up for Sangeet Sivan's ‘Click’, in 2007, but unfortunately, didn’t perform due to unknown reasons. Coincidentally, just like her first film, she performed as the wife of Ganesh in Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, and received appraise from the viewers as well as the critics. In a couple of years, Aarya plans to open up a classical dance school to benefit the society.

Currently, she is working on and off as a model while working for a few movies. Moreover, Aarya is waiting for a good production to come her way and has no qualms about exposing if the production demands it.