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Kudumbavilakku is a Malayalam TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the leading Malayalam TV channels, know n as Asianet. The TV channel has provided its viewers with various unique TV shows which are entertaining, funny, knowledgeable and, enjoyable as well. Kudumbavilakku was a weekday daily TV show on the screens of Asianet. The TV show has been directed by one of the greatest directors. Polson and, has been produced by the famous producer, Subramanya Kumar. The TV show revolves around a DSP Sethunadh who has got transferred to a forest area. The forest area is actually the territory of a famous and, dangerous liquor baron whose name is Kunjachan. Sethunandh has a lovely daughter as well.

Swapna is the young teacher of the daughter of Sethunandh who is tortured at her place. She keeps looking for some other place so as to escape the tormenters. The whole story of the show takes a turn and there is unrest when the liquor baron gets arrested. The story then takes turn after this event and things heat up immediately. This deeply affects the lives of Sethunadh, his daughter and Swapna as well.. Swapna is always under the fear of getting caught by her tormenters again.. The show revolves around concepts of justice, law and fight against corruption. The cast of the show is, Vijay Krishnan, Anish, Shaju, Nirmal, Sindhu Jacob Sindhu Jacob, who became Sindhu Shivasurya after h >> Read More... , Balachandran, Priyadarshini, Gayathri, Srikala, and many other artists.

The TV show was featured Monday to Friday at 3.30 PM in the afternoon. Kudumbavilakku is one of the greatest shows that has ever been made for the Television industry. Such stories are only be seen in films but the duo of Polson and Subramanya Kumar made it possible for the TV screens to have a story like this. The cast of the TV show has also received a huge amount of amount of appreciation for their roles. The story was very different from a regular TV show that revolves around the typical Indian family system. The show focused more on the love of family, career, duty, country, and human values. This has been a hit TV show and has also been nominated for numerous awards from time to time.

Another Version of the Serial...

Kudumbavilakku is a Malayalam serial aired on Asianet from 27th January 2020. It is based on Sreemoyee, a Bengali serial by Leena Gangopadhyay Leena Gangopadhyay is a Bengali writer, director, >> Read More... . Manju Dharman Manju Dharman works in the Indian film industry, p >> Read More... directed Kudumbavilakku. Shyam Dharman Shyam Dharman is a film score producer and a music >> Read More... composed the music, and Shweta Mohan Shweta Mohan is a female playback singer in Indian >> Read More... crooned the theme song. The popular multilingual actress Chitra Shenoy Chitra Shenoy is now a household name among Malaya >> Read More... produced the serial on a large scale. A. V. Arun Ravan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Vipin Puthiyankam Vipin Puthiyankam is an Indian cinematographer wor >> Read More... cranked the camera, and editing is by Jishnu S. Kuryathi. Meera Vasudevan Meera Vasudevan was associated with modeling befor >> Read More... is back in the TV industry after 13 years with this serial. She plays the leading lady, Sumithra, in Kudumbavilakku.

Sumithra is a perfect homemaker. She sacrifices her wishes for her family. Sumithra’s husband,  Siddharth Menon Siddharth Menon is a Malayalam singer and actor. H >> Read More... , has a secret affair with Vedika. Although Vedika knows that Siddharth is a family man, she couldn’t avoid him. Sumithra gets a job offer as a cooking teacher. But, soon she was thrown out of the job, as she goes late. Nileena is Sumithra’s best friend. She finds out that Siddharth has an illegal affair. When she opens about this to Sumithra, she trusts Siddharth and couldn’t believe Nileena’s complaint. Although Sumithra works hard for her family, she had been used by them and not loved. At a point, she feels being lonely and decides to refresh her life. The rest of the story deals with the rise of Sumithra.

Besides Meera, the series has Krishnakumar Menon, F. J. Tharakan, Sreejith Vijay Sreejith was born on 28th March 1986 in Thripunith >> Read More... / Anand Narayanan Anand Narayanan is a Malayalam actor famous for hi >> Read More... , Akshaya R. Nair / Athira Madhav Adhira Madhav is an actress and TV host in the Mal >> Read More... , Noobin Johny The most beloved role of Prateesh Menon in the Kud >> Read More... , Parvathi Vijay/ Amritha Nair, Devi Menon Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Manju Vijeesh Manju Vijeesh is a Malayalam TV and film actress w >> Read More... , Shwetha Venkat / Ameya Nair Our Kerala-born actress, Ameya Nair, was born on J >> Read More... / Saranya Anand The beautiful Indian actress Saranya Anand is a ve >> Read More... , Dr. Shaju Sam, Gouri P. Krishnan, Bindhu Pankaj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Sindhu Varma Sindhu Varma is a Malayalam movie and TV actress. >> Read More... / Manju Satheesh Manju Santheesh is a name which is often reckoned >> Read More... , Shahnu, Fawaz Zayani Fawaz Zayani is an Indian actor who was born on 21 >> Read More... , Sunitha, Jeevan Gopal Jeevan Gopal is an Indian actor widely known for p >> Read More... , KPAC Saji KPAC Saji is a famous tv actor who worked on the s >> Read More... , Shobi Thilakan Shobi Thilakan is an Indian actor who has primaril >> Read More... and Vanchiyoor Praveen Kumar. This series was made in various languages, including Inthi Nimma Asha Inthi Nimma Asha is a TV serial aired on Star Suva >> Read More... in Kannada, Aai Kuthe Kay Karte in Marathi, Intinti Gruhalakshmi Intinti Gruhalakshmi is a tv serial that airs on S >> Read More... in Telugu, Anupamaa in Hindi, and Baakiyalakshmi in Tamil.


Aneesh Ravi Malayalam TV-Actor
DOB: 10 May 1975
Aneesh Ravi
Arun Ghosh Malayalam TV-Actor
Arun Ghosh
Rizabawa Malayalam Movie Actor
DOB: 24 September 1966
Ajith Kollam Malayalam Movie Actor
DOB: 7 April 1962
Ajith Kollam
Bindu Varapuzha Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 22 April 1967
Bindu Varapuzha