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Bidige Chandrama is Kannada television series that runs on the channel ETV Kannada. The purpose of the show is mainly about the dilemmas and obstacles that multiple women have faced in their lives. These women are amongst the many brave and noble women that fight hard to achieve their dreams and goals. The show is known to make multiple efforts to highlight the interpretations when it comes to destiny, through a balanced importance on the feelings of both passion and its subsequent emotion, love - hatred, and a mixture of both the elements of comedy as well as tragedy.

The MENL has claimed that the story of Bidige Chandrama is one that can be relevant to every individual as it consciously deals with the complicated relationship’s one faces when he finds himself interacting with the society. The multiple choices and consequences one has to make when dealing with the society is an important highlight of the show. The show also comes with a social message that is subtly meant to target the joint families specifically. Its theme mainly serves the purpose of a family entertainer, which has a strong focus on women empowerment. However, it is special because of its emotionally strong story and the various ways in which the theme has been experimented and treated. The director of the Kannada serial is Sakrebailu Srinivas.

Sandhya Pai from the Manipal Entertainment Network is the producer of the serial. She believes that the show has been crafted in a way that it appeals to the audience for its relatively fast speed, which has been special for the viewer’s precious time and their sensibility. The features of the director rely on the involvement of new faces and a strong, yet emotional storyline. These ideas present the characters from the show that have been derived from real life and portray the dreams that ordinary people possess.

According to the show’s producer, the roles of characters that depict the women in the show have been realistically written to portray their actual strength in the society that has often been ignored. Sandhya also believes that the young generation can relate to the show as well, as it examines multiple issues that the children face while growing up in a world that is constantly changing. The main leads of the show are Namita Rao, Bharat Bhagavatar, Master Santosh, Renuka Bali, Siddaraja Kalyankar and Prakash Shenoy Prakash Shenoy is a Sandalwood / Kannada supportin >> Read More... . One of the other distinguishing features of the show are the lead roles of two foreigners – Mary Clint and Mark Clint.



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