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Kannada Lyricist Jayant Kaikini
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Born on January-24-1955 in Gokarna, Mysore, Jayant Kaikini is an eminent Kannada poet and songwriter. He has also penned down several short stories. His father, Gourish Kaikiki, was a teacher, and his mother, Shanta, a philanthropist. Jayant had a Masters degree in biochemistry and completed his post-graduation from Karnataka University in Dharwad in Karnataka. He then migrated to Mumbai and started working as a chemist in Procter and Gamble. Jayant speaks other languages also including Konkani, Marathi, English and Hindi.

He left no trace of having been a precocious writer and issued his first poetry book, Rangadindostu Doora when he was eighteen. In 1974, he received his first Sahitya Akademi award when he was just nineteen years old. Jayant then went ahead to write several poetry books including Kotithirtha, Theredashte Bagilu, Shravana Madhyahna, Neelimale and short stories including Bannada Kaalu, Ashvamedha, Toofan Mail, Charminar and several others.

Jayant worked as a chemist for years and then decided to pen down songs for movies and his first song was ‘Oh Ajari’ from the Kannada film Chigurida Kannasu (2003). According to Jayant, the part of the song that touches your heart and soul is the lyrics. By now, he is credited for penning down songs for several movies and some of his famous songs are ‘Anisutide Yaako Indu,’ ‘Madhuvana Karedare,’ ‘Ee Sanje Yaakaagide’ and several others. His songs present the classical imagery with the correct use of metaphors and idioms.

The three-time Sahitya Akademi Award winner feels bad that this generation is losing touch with the regional languages. Jayant also served as the columnist of a Kannada magazine, Avana, for more than a year. Before taking up the job of an editor, he also hosted Kannada shows on ETV channel. Rasa Rushige Namaskara and Kadala Theerada Bharghava are the shows through which he gained immense popularity among the viewers and became the heartthrob of many female fans. Jayant also judged a reality talent show, Yede Tumbi Haadevenu. Kainkini has received various awards including Dinkara Desai Award, B.H. Sridhar award and Katha National Award among several others.

He is the two-time recipient of Filmfare awards for best lyricist and received nominations for the same several times. In 2015, Bogaseyalli Male, a documentary based on his life was released to mark his 60th birthday. Until now, he has published six short stories books, four anthologies of poetry and three plays. Nowadays, Jayant lives in Bangalore with his wife, Smita. He is the proud father of two children- Srajana and Ritwik.


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